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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Other In The White House! Some Call Him "Nigger"; Others Predict "No More"

Donald Trump is the embodiment of his political party and conservative American in far more ways than some realize. His comments of last November regarding a future without the prospect of an African-American President, is probably appealing to millions on the Right. 

During a point counterpoint Internet argument in 2008 the following was keyboarded into a message board.

"White people will never elect a nigger president!"

The comment did not garner a response from me as it was clearly keyboarded by a seething racist who had revealed a paradigm that didn't warrant continued interaction. 

Existentially, the racist had exercised his Constitutional right to white privilegeOver the course of President Obama's Presidency, we have witnessed incessant reminders of the racist's paradigm thought processes. Of course, the nation elected an African-American President and re-elected the president (by a wider margin) to a second term. Yet, millions across America embrace and cherish the racist's sentiments. Moreover, the nation also has denizen's who garner high levels of attention via carnival barking the very sentiments of the guttural intent racist; albeit barked in a far less vulgar manner. Stripping the vulgar from the remarks does not dampen the essence of the message.

The multi-billionaire will certainly not stoop to the level of racism exercised by the racist via personal computer home based platforms. He will cloak his deep racism behind the aura of material success and reality TV celebrity.  

 “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”



"This Week" host Jonathan Karl asked Trump on Sunday what he meant by a tweet the real estate mogul sent last year.

"But why do you say that means we won't see another black president for generations?" Karl asked Trump.

"Because I think that he has set a very poor standard. I think that he has set a very low bar and I think it's a shame for the African American people," Trump said in a phone interview. "And by the way, he has done nothing for African Americans. You look at what's gone on with their income levels. You look at what's gone on with their youth. I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for this country. I thought he'd do a fabulous job for the African American citizens of this country."

"Here you have a black President who's done very poorly for the African Americans of this country," Trump continued.

Trump told Karl that he believes he will win the African-American vote and Hispanic vote. Trump has been the leading Republican candidate in recent national polls.

Watch Trump's appearance:

ABC's This Week Donald Trump talks race White House 

ABC US News | World News

The comment is so much that of a crafty carnival barker, it reminds of that bad feeling when you leave the carnival tent and realize........"well that was completely fake."  You became so consumed with cognitive dissonance you literally want to leave the carnival grounds. You have been had!

Most times a bit of reflections eases the sickness of the carnival barker's white privilege. 

Reflection is a trait of intellectualism and a characteristic of the HIV (high information voter). For the antithetical LIV (low information voter), Trump's carnival barking is both exciting and a call out for those who harbor the same views but dare not speak out.

"...he seems like one of us."

Even after a lack of such comments from Trump regarding George W. Bush's race, we reflect on a few basics from the Obama years. It is important to also remind Trump held "Dubya" in deep contempt.  Did he foretell no more American white president's, It is called white privilege? 

Let's& perform a high level reflection.

How about......
... the prospect of the reality the United States was rescued from eight years of George W. Bush by the African-American president and his economic team. 
... the fact the first black president ordered a time-focused report to his desk on the killing of Osama bin Laden (within two months of taking office)? 
... a vibrant auto industry that was literally abandoned by the GOP? How about the fact President Obama is widely viewed internationally as a gift to the US and a welcome partner in the world community? reform that is proving welcomed and beneficial in increasing number of American?  Healthcare that is factually reducing healthcare cost for people who actually feel the burden of such costs.
... is there any value in the fact Obama tried to reduce the number of US troops serving in wasteful wars?  
        ... and this with "super hero kid" obama-fist-bump-kid.cnn

Now let's perform a much more detailed reflection from Milt Shook's Please Cut The Crap Blog: Obama's 305 Accomplishments.

Trump tickles the psyche of racist, Americans who relish the 'macho' and who are envious the monied carnival barker can speak words (they embrace)  in a tone they have suppressed.


TPI Morning Gazette: Trump'd, Cop Brutality, Low Income Education, Ted Cruz, Koch'd

Non-Progressive News...

A puppet's story. 

You are the Marionette doll. GOP politicians are marionette manipulators and their uber wealthy backers provide the forum.

Think Progress
Ted Cruz Launches Senate Fight To Auction Off America’s Public Lands
In March, Think Progress published about selling or gifting public land via the Koch controlled American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEX) and its spider web like control of state legislatures.
The Quiet Plan To Sell Off America's National Forests Progress Mar 16, 2015 4
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Do you want to see the latest shame from the GOP 'gift' of 2008?

Yes, A Palin PAC has gone there. The fact that Palin loves firing weapons to kill animals is as certain as her disastrous contributions to Obama's defeat of John McCain in 2008. Her current co-joining other Republicans in capitalizing on the highly edited anti-Panned Parenthood videos is also not a surprise. Yet, a bit of a surprise comes with the image and the surprise is pathetic and low-life.

Check out the Palin Facebook post.

Help elect more leaders committed to #DefundPlannedParenthood by clicking here:
"Help elect more leaders....."

Consider taking a few minutes and skip through a nascent example of the "incoherent gift" and Fox News's chief bloviator / propaganda facilitator. 

Recent reports of Fox News terminating the contract of Palin appears to have been rubbish, or is it possible the report was accurate and overridden by Fox's need to feed O'Reilly's large audience. Regardless of the lack of veracity regarding Palin as a contributor, her appearance offers the perfect example of what political movements and ideology do not need as a spokesperson. Additionally, if we factor-in the online solicitation, we get the full picture of "Palinism."

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Have you ever done something, realized you blew-it, and reached for opportunity to over compensate via doing something directly opposite your fiasco. 

How better to combat charges of racism against Mexicans and immigrants from Central America than to dispatch (via termination) a staffer who used slightly racially charged Tweets and Facebook post against President Obama? The fired adviser was actually fired in 2014 for attempting to coax Trump until what some writers call an unflattering BuzzFeed profile. Imagine being fired from working to have your boos develop an unflattering internet profile. As you have gleaned Nunberg was rehired; apparently in the spring of 2015. An indication of a disheveled and erratic campaign team or erratic presidential candidate. Do you think he may have angered Trump and was fired the adviser only to settle into a more non-emotional state of mind with resulting 'rehire?'  Regardless of answer, the scenario denotes issues related to judgment and decision-making.


Sam Nunberg, adviser to Donald Trump, via social media while attacking President Obama.
“Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser.”He also referred to Obama as a”Pan Arabist Marxist Muslim.”

“Universal Kenyan health care” and “Kenyan socialism.”
Beyond the racist basis for the comments, question should ensue about the "end-of-the-day" point of the comments. Obama isn't running for office in 2016. Alas, I have commented myself into the realization Nunberg was merely peppering his audience with racism for affect, as has his former boss. Interesting, Trump was awarded for his racism via jumping ahead of the GOP candidate pack. Apparently, timing is critical as Nunberg's remarks may have given Trump a "white knight" calling card via inadvertent opportunistic self-alignment for the white knight's lance. Nunberg's remarks came after Trump's head of the pack status.  The white knight lanced Nunberg! 

It is unfortunate, but racism effectively works as an entree into the conservative psyche. The Business Insider published a piece that adds much to the Trump former staffer. 

More from the Trump campaign trail. 

Did Trump answer a question about police brutality in this manner?

"Give Power Back to the police!"  Seriously?

In 2014 the number of black lives lost to killing cops looks like this:

"Give more power to the police?"

The Donald's solution to police brutality? More powerful police.
Posted by Think Progress on Sunday, August 2, 2015

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Conservative politicians win elections primarily via manipulation of the social psyche of large swaths of Americans.  Despite a history of horrific fiscal waste and lack of national economic performance, millions continue to rush to voting places and cast that "red" vote. Since the late 1960s the US South and Plains states have become a solid voting nation for the GOP.

A stark reality that would lead the uninformed to believe denizens of these states enjoy legislative benefits that offer the "good life." 

Poverty charting doesn't support the premise.

  1. USA Today February 2015

  • Using Census data on poverty, we've created a list of the states, and D.C., with the highest poverty ratings.
    • Kentucky. • Number of people living below poverty during 2013: 800,635. ...
    • District of Columbia. • Number of people living below poverty during 2013: 115,551. ...
    • Georgia. ...
    • Arkansas. ...
    • Louisiana. ...
    • New Mexico. ...
    • Mississippi.

  • 6 states and D.C. with the most people in poverty - USA Today

    Alas, there is a much ore dire and troubling set of data for US Red States. The Southern Education Foundation published a revealing set of data represented via a similar chart of students who live in low income regions; they are the majority enrollment in public schools. 
    Let's do a bit of comparative analysis.

    The GOP has a solid lock winning the votes in the the majority of states depicted in red.  The red legend identifier relates to low income children. Yet, the GOP will not support potential fruitful (non-watered down) job bills. The party will not consider raising the minimum wage.  And, for the most part the GOP has cut education budget while dismantling public employees unions.  

    Is it possible the GOP will effectively lowered the cognitive and mental abilities over time? We can assume a majority of the identified low income students are white, based on the fact white America comprises 75% of the population. While minorities may comprise higher ratios of the low income students on a ratio comparison basis, like welfare programs whites are also being forced into schools the GOP has work to lessen funding and deprive of teachers.

    Editor's Choices
    Veteran editors say exactly what they think about NY Times' botched Clinton story:— Media Matters (@mmfa) August 1, 2015

    This says it ALL! Not to mention the $1.3 trillion annual deficit Bush handed Obama, which Obama has cut by two-thirds.

    Under Pres. Obama:
    • We are now creating 250,000 jobs a month
    • The Dow Jones has nearly tripled in value
    • The Bush Wall Street bailout was paid back in full with a slight profit to taxpayers
    • One war is over and the other is winding down
    • Unemployment has been cut nearly in half, to 5.3%
    • The auto industry is thriving
    • And Osama is dead!

    Image by Occupy Democrats, LIKE our page for more!