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Friday, May 26, 2017

Trumpism: Ugly Opulence (51K Jacket?)

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I realize many seem to find fault with those of us who frankly posit about Donald Trumps (arm candy model) wife, bur now is a time for frank comment.

One would think, Trump's arm candy would think carefully about appearances. During a time when Donald Trump is working to throw millions into a state of zero medical coverage his wife would think about perception. during a time when Trump and his party are actively working to eliminate the third most expensive hit to the federal budget (Medicaid), you would think his wife would tread with opulent caution. Who benefits from Medicaid? 

The list is includes some who are the least able to financially help themselves: The elderly nursing home interned, the disabled, pregnant women and children. 

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While proposing socially economic terrorism on millions upon millions in the middle lass and lower  income strata we have a president's wife who rolls like this:
"Qu'ils mangent de la brioche"(“Let them eat cake.”)

Falsely attributed to Marie-Antoinette (bride of France’s King Louis XVI).

If you can watch the daily manifestation of the Trump reality show and not end your day with utter contempt for their greedy opulence (and other Trump manifestations) you are probably a far right loon.


Trump Rumbling Through Europe (Embarassing And Ugly)

No matter the atmosphere, Trump's childishness is overwhelming and typical of that old perception of "The Ugly American."

The newest leader to join NATO, Montenegro's PM, has stated the shove wasn't a big deal, but rest assured the shove won't be so well received among people who are less tolerant of Trump's self-centered narcissistic childishness. 

While 29 world leaders received a public admonishment which would have worked far better in private. Yet the private discussion would not have offer Putin (and Russian oligarchs) that important visual. Watch the reaction of some in attendance.

How can people be so over-the-top obscene their opulence?  And, to think I read almost daily posts about how this woman is living such a horrible life. I also have come to know the backlash of referring to her as a soft porn model before all the plastic surgeries and body augmentation. $51,000 through over the arms (like a 1950s Starlet) nothing shy of obscene.

Melania's jacket
Would someone tell Trump's wife the over the shoulder starlet look is a 1950s relic.

Good read via American News X

Ugly Americans.

During a time when her husband is party to depriving 23 million additional Americans of an opportunity for health care coverage, working to give uber wealthy Americans 800 billion in tax breaks and while her husband advances the social regression endemic to GOP ideology. She flaunts without regard for the poor. She flaunts while Medicaid recipients are facing possible loss of benefits. She flaunts while her husband and his administration lie their way through the first months of an illegitimate presidency. She flaunts her opulent lifestyle.