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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"Make America Great Again" (Myth Or Hook?)

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George W. Bush   Compassionate conservatism is a political philosophy that stresses using traditionally conservative techniques and concepts in order to improve the general welfare of society.

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Ted Cruz Courageous Conservatives

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Barack Obama Change We Can Believe InYes, We Can! Hope and ChangeFired up -- Ready to Go!

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Before any campaign devises a slogan, it must first decide what it wants to convey -- a message. A direction, a feeling, a fact, a quality -- and then trim it down to a few words. This is no easy feat. A slogan should be concise, easy to follow and remember, it should easily roll off the tongue, and have a rhythm or catch or pizzazz to it. It should not single out the candidate or the voter. And, it should not focus on the past, but rather the future.
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                                                                      "Make America Great Again!"

Well, we are waiting. 

We have reached day 96 of his tie in the White House and things just aren't going according to Hoyle. Trumps performance as President is reflected in all major national polls with an approval rating in the vicinity of 40 percent. Among his supporters one poll has approval ratings at 96 percent of Trump voters (among that group of respondents) fully supporter their vote. 

CNN has again visited with a focus group of Trump voters and their reaction to the NYC bloviator is mixed to put it simply. 

No matter the sloganeering and Trump mantra he is not making American great.  America has never ceased to be great.

Trump's campaign sloganeering has not lead to a state of myth. It was an all out lie among the total universe of Trump's lying pathology. 

One last point. A serious and competent US President would not work to make America great via ignoring all expectations as serving as an international leader.


The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Flynn And His Incompetent Former Boss

Early this morning I sipped a cup of  Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and watch a couple of minutes of CNN news.  What follows hit me squarely in the midst of my caffeine injection.

As I watched the two-minute segment from CNN, I suffered visions of this:

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How does a former US Army General get to a place os seating tot he very right of one of the world's leading (quasi-elected) dictators?

Oversight Committee Chair Chafetz and Senior committee member Lewis came out of a morning briefing which included never before seen documents related to Trump's future head of the National Security Council Mike Flynn and reports of actual dollars paid by Putin. 

From the public statement to the Q&A. We didn't post the full Q&A; herewith is the point of the Q&A which is of most importance.

"....have no evidence Flynn followed the law."

As I moved away from that part of the Q & A, I mind took me here: Mike Flynn leading Trump sycophants in a chorus of "Lock her up!

Watch ad Listen very carefully. Did he mention and FBI investigation? 

After the subsequent lapse into a state of repeated contempt for what has become of the US electoral process and memory fo the extent of my contempt for some voting blocs (and non-voters), my mind leads me here:

As I am not one to spend lots of tie exploring the nation's newly elected carnival barker, is there someone out thre who can assist in explaining how Trump found Flynn and how Flynn managed to secure a position as the National Security Council Chief?