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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trump's Flag Dog Whistle Moves To Dangerous Elephant Policy (National Anthem)

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The Daily Kos

Watch as Fox & Friends fuels Trump's authoritarianism regarding his dog whistle issue of NFL players (mostly black players) Taking a knee in protest against police brutality of black, boys, men and women.

Unfortunately, the video segment is over two minutes long I do not often expose you to Fox News more than a few seconds. This segment clearly shows the extent of pathetic shared between Fox News and Trump.

While on the topic of false patriotism and over-the-top nationalism, it was amazing to hear about Trumps lie laced commencement address at the Naval Academy.  

Writer Todd Harrison, Director of the Aerospace Security Project and Defense Budget Analysis at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), watched a two-minute portion of Trump's speech. Harrison gets a nod of credit as Trump isn't welcome on my TV sets. Harrison's two minutes far exceeds my exposure. I avoid a person who lies incessantly. Why sit for anyone to tell you lies if you know he lies at the level of a personal pathology. He can not help but lie.

Here is a short video clip from the Hill piece (linked below) in which Trump tells seven lies in two minutes.  Linked here.

Harrison's piece via the Hill, linked here.

So, we have Trump exciting his base with nationalist crap while simultaneously playing loose with information spoken to future naval officers.


Friday, May 25, 2018

Conspiracy, Conspiracy, Conspiracy

Why are we not questioning the soundness of Trump's mind?

If you are reading here there is a 98% prospect you do not believe Trump's latest "carnival bark" about FBI spying on his campaign. 

Isn't it obvious Trump has much to hide? Well, not so fast. You and I may recognize and actually care that Trump is a pathological liar with much to hide, but there are segments of the population who do not agree. 

Take a look at a screenshot from a segment from the Dateline: White House show on MSNBC.

Today's newscasts (non-Fox News) have reported that 53% of Republicans believe the FBI worked against the Trump campaign. A social media post was recently posted with a headline indicating 71% of white evangelicals support Trump. Americans who could become a dangerous foundation in a nation which seems to be moving rapidly towards an authoritarian state.

A critical consideration is how anyone could actually believe Trump's conspiracy shenanigans when his history of such malfeasance is well documented.

While the graphic hits home and delivers a message about the nation's Oval Office carnival barker, here is the full segment if you wish to view it. Frankly, the segment is simply talkie-talk among well-paid network contributors and the host. Wallace and show contributors delivered copious opinions within the central theme why people believe Trump.