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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Video Quick Hit: "SCUMBAG"?"

Yes, she said, "scumbag."  I posit it is now unarguable.


The Swamp One Year In

Now for a ride through the Trump Swamp.

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Watch as the son of what some called the famous Billy Graham sits on international tevleison and goes total heretic regarding Trump's life of sin. Graham himself offered, during the 9:44 minute interview, a statement of Trump said he didn't do it and he stumbled through no comment on Trump's pornstar lover. This man is supposed to be a Chrsitian reverand. Skip to the 4:50 minute mark and watch the pastor lose his sermon. 

Let's visit for minute with a former Manofrt employee.  

Riva Levinson, tells Ari Melber Manafort “always lacked a moral compass” and left her “traumatized, depressed, almost in mourning.”

As the lies roll, a 35 second fact-check.

Trump has been in office one year today. CBS News recently ran a piece with presidential ranking from best to worst. Link