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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who is Ron Paul?

Most do not know; those who know are dangerous!
Sam Stein in my opinion is a journalist, writer and political analyst that gets my attention when I am in one of my 'half-listening' modes.  A state of being that often accompanies my day based on writing and other activities (hobbies for one). There are only a few regular contributors to daily news shows who draw my attention; Stein is at the top of that list. Stein is both perspicacious and topically authoritative.

Stein has written a detailed screed about candidate Ron Paul and Paul's 'hidden' agendas.  In the context that I have used the word  "hidden' simply means known to his sycophantic followers and means unknown to most people.  His late afternoon December 28, Huff Post POLITICS article provides another glimpse into the shifty world that is Ron Paul.

The Huff Post article starts immediately with Paul's Chris Matthews May, 2011 interview with Paul.  It is interesting  on the very day that Paul announced his latest run for the GOP nomination his first questions related to his quirky positions.  a) legalizing heroin, and  b) Civil Rights Laws. As you watch the video below, keep a couple of times close to your discerning thoughts. 1.) Paul's rambling in incoherent comments about legalizing heroin. He actually says  people use heroin because it is illegal. Paul was once a practicing Pediatrician! 2.) In response to a Matthews loaded questions about Civil Rights, Paul jumped to 'property rights'.  Matthews knew how Paul would respond. Interestingly enough within months we have  been informed off Jamie Hein's "White's Only" swimming Pool signage.  Hein's actions were racist and, despite Paul's rambling utterances, his comments are also in the same realm: racist. Notice that Paul's says  if the discriminatory law were not there, "who is gonna do it."   "...... (you see) zero signs up today"!  "..ancient history, those days are gone"! Really? Point made, Dr. Paul.

Have a look and listen at Matthews's Hardball interview (and listen to Paul very carefully).

As Stein points out, Matthews gave Paul a 'no-win' hypothetical question.  

Stein continued.

Left unmentioned was that Paul had -- in more than a hypothetical sense -- already cast a vote on the famous bill. On June 24, 2004, the House of Representatives took up a resolution "recognizing and honoring the 40th anniversary of congressional passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964." Four hundred and fourteen members voted yes, and 18 didn't show up to vote. Only one member said nay: Ron Paul.

If you want a real picture of candidate Paul, read Stein and his Huff Post article.

A heck-of-a-read.

Paul's record certainly appeals to his libertarian followers. Paul's beliefs and actions so closely echo the Koch Brothers philosophies and their American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) agenda, he may as well be an active member of ALEC. I once read  one of the Kochs believes 'prostitution' should be legal. Did I not hear Matthews comment say as the interview started?

Unmentioned in the Stein's article is the high-level of support Paul receives from extreme right-wing racist groups. Since, I mentioned a personal experience with a couple of Paul's internet supporters in an article  yesterday, I will defer additional verbiage in this work.  If you want to see that side of Paul's support base, simply Google around just a bit and the racist sites will come-forth.   I will state at least one of the sites has one of my IP address blocked. I can only gain entry via sign-ons among various PCs.

While I do not feel that Paul will win the GOP nomination, he and his son present real Circa 2011-2012 dangers to the nation.  I absolutely appreciate the high-level of detailed work from authors and journalist such as Stein.

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