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Sunday, January 8, 2012

GOP Debate: Moderators as the main event; debaters ZZZZZZZZ

The one and only thing I like about the abundance of GOP debates is after the debate FactChecking.  Wow!

It seems after Michelle Bachmann left the arena the number of fact checks may have dropped, but still the remaining 6 candidates offer enough fodder for a full night of checking.

Another thing I like about the FactChecking post debate email; I often simply link to their website without the need for additional analysis.  If you want to read something interesting, but not surprising... Click the link below.  

First, how about a does of Santorum B/S regarding the words "Middle Class"?  His remark about Romney's use of the word Middle class was as silly as his body of comments since joining the race.  Everyone in America refers to middle income earners as the "Middle Class".  How trite, but then the source is also trite.

Santorum’s ‘Middle Class’ Inconsistency

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum chastised Romney for using the term “middle class,” even though Santorum’s own campaign uses it currently and he has used it himself not so long ago.
Here’s what Santorum said during the debate:
Santorum, Jan. 7: The Governor [Mitt Romney] used a term earlier that I shrink from, and it’s one that I don’t think we should be using as Republicans: “Middle class.” There are no classes in America. We’re a country that don’t allow for titles. We don’t put people in classes. Maybe middle income people. But the idea, somehow or another, that we’re going to buy into the class warfare arguments of Barack Obama is something that should not be part of the Republican lexicon. That’s their job. Divide. Separate. Put one group against another. That’s not the language I’ll use as president. I’ll use the language of bringing people together.
Someone in Santorum’s campaign apparently did not get the memo. A flyer circulated by the campaign in Iowa boasts that “Rick Santorum has called for significant tax rate cuts for middle-class Americans and will cut wasteful spending to pay for it.”

We couldn’t find any recent instances of Santorum uttering the term “middle class,” but he used it at least three times in public statements in 2005 and 2006. (See herehere and here.) And while Santorum says “middle class” is a phrase that ought to be wiped from the Republican lexicon, it has been used repeatedly during the Republican debates by Romney, Gingrich and Michele Bachmann.  

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If you really want a little more insight into why I love 'fact-checking' take a quick look. Politifacts 2011.

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