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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seeds of Change

........we can Believe in!

The Seeds of Change  continue to spread.

For all of my life and probably all of your life bastions of segregation have continued to exist; segregation against women. 

The latest battlefield: The Masters at Augusta. 

Apparently, a major sponsor of the Masters has a very high ranking woman in its management team. The executive wants to host an event at the 'elitist' hangout/segregated club at Augusta. Women cannot hold membership at Augusta! 

OK, so if left up to Ron and Rand Paul, this is perfectly good, "no problem," The Paul's, many (conservative) libertarians and even more American conservatives believe the private club has a right to deny equal access to a human being.  It just so happens the human beings in this case are women.  No problem, from any PAUL.  And, 1% elitist MALE, support for segregated practices facilitate such segregation. It is critical to note, most American men do not condone such segregation. Such segregation only fuels vestiges of "times" past in our nation. Times inclusive of women not having the right to vote, back people not having the right to vote, and     government sanctioned rights to segregate facilitates including church sanctuaries. After JFK was assassinated President Johnson, courageously stood tall against millions of Americans who had no interest in the black vote, desegregating schools, desegregating facilities, and no interest in other forms of discrimination.  By the way, I have avoided one critical area of discrimination that draws much angst from some Americans: Affirmative Action via Equal Opportunity Laws. If the previous list of segregation were real, and you really cannot argue to the contrary, why would discrimination and segregation not exist in the workplace?  Conservative America languished and flourished quintessentially in "THAT" America. Many of today's conservative, are not very different in many ways. 

Change Happens... through the focused efforts of an agent of change.

The Seeds of Change are floating via life-procreating winds and settling across America as opportunity manifest. The Winds of Change: A president (first in history) who has indicated Augusta is wrong to practice segregation. Opportunity: Growing numbers of women in high corporate positions (thus challenging the good ol boys network). A fact that is exacerbated by  recent stumbling of Congressman Darrel ISSA (R)  Calif (Saundra Fluke's ISSA imposed discrimination against appearance at a contraception hearing) and the ultimate buffoon's (Limbaaaaaugh) adding anti-woman fuel to the fire.  So, Change and Opportunity have the GOP in a position where the party (Other than the bigoted Paul's, Limbaugh, and probably Fox News), had best stay out of the winds of change at Augusta.  Women are already leaning away from contraception issues from the GOP. The GOP had best not mess-around with denying access to women. (Women account for 53% of US population). account
The GOP's anti-woman revelations or President Obama's team may have provide impetus for using the vote wrestle Federal government and State government majority back from the GOP.  In either case, an out-of-the-closet GOP or an adroit presidential team, it is obvious Change again must take place. The GOP may have stepped on a landmine.  Obama and his people may have anticipated the reaction from the Right and the the Catholic Church related to the Affordable Care Act contraception provisions. If it was a plan, it sure as hell worked. Now, let the GOP en mass speak out about Augusta's right to continue to practice segregation. Let's watch the Michelle Maulkins, Ann Coulters, Laura Ingrahams and the DWEEBETTE Palin. speak out. How can they rationalize continued denial of equal rights based on gender? YES WE CAN!!!!!!  (NOTE:  Within the past three hours Romney has agreed with President Obama. OH, is he going to catch hell.

We often hear and read about people who feel President Obama has not come through with his promised 'Shared Change'.  He always said that " YES, we can", not "Yes, I can".  Where he received assistance or cooperation, things changed for the better.  Often, he faced clear and obtuse obstructionism, and things still changed. Again, he comes through as a true leader, an American expectation, and he leads.  Name another American president other than Kennedy and Johnson have spoken so publicly about social change.

Also, and again, Romney follows...until Limbaugh speaks out in support of Augusta.

Would you like one more minor example of Change for President Obama?

The movie screening for the White House tonight is, "To Kill A Mockingbird".   Ah, written by a woman and a descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

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