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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Pants Are On Fire

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They are. Big time.

Yes, I know. Politics. Lies. Horse. Carriage and the rest of it. Got it. But there’s lying and then there’s LYING.
Here’s the thing about blatant lies of this sort: hardcore conservatives and Republicans will vote for Romney no matter what he says or does. These people will hear whatever agrees with their beliefs and filter out the rest. Same goes for people who just don’t like  or trust Barack Obama be it for his politics or his skin color (there’s a big overlap between this group and the previous one).
As for hardcore liberals and Democrats, they’ll vote for Obama no matter what lies or truth are said about him.
So who does that leave? The apathetic and the informed who have no allegiance to either party. The lies will work on the apathetic and uninformed (assuming they actually get to hear the lies) but they’ll fail to influence the informed.
All this to say that an uninformed and misinformed electorate works to the benefit of the least honest (and most desperate) of the candidates. Hello Mitt Romney.
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