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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A really sad day for NBC, a really sad day?

A really sad day for NBC. A truly sad day!

Since some seem really interested in this link as it appears in  certain SEOs, thought I would add a few of sentences.

What did NBC really gain by temporarily increasing its ratings by garnering (one hour of) viewership from Palin sycophants, Palin haters, and the Palin curious?  Was the temporary boost really worth off-setting many years of credible broadcasting?  It was clearly obvious some executives at the network wanted to dampen a Katie Couric appearance on another network.  Was the cheap trick worthwhile based on her appearance substance?

I read when asked about a candidate to run with Romney, her response was Allen West of Florida. What?  Allen West is barely in control of his faculties and I have read he was once asked to tone it down by members of the House of Representatives.  Allen West posited pure insanity and unrealistic drivel, when asked about the improvements in the economy. He responded the Dow Jones has shown good performance over the past few months based on investor excitement about the GOP win in November of this year. The comment in hindsight was clear reflection on both West and the babbling non-thinking Palin.

West proved via his comment that he knew absolutely nothing about US Financial markets and economic indicators (such as the Dow).  He also unleashed a completely lubricious statement related to the election in November; he has no viable idea of who will win in November. How non-credible is the person who would make such a ridiculous remark? It was not even a flawed prediction!

Palin?  Well I need not spend lots of PC time her, as the majority of American's know the ins and outs of Sarah Palin. I suggest it is impossible to find one accurate and credible comment has emanated from her mouth since September 2008.  She speaks a constant stream of the inane topped with large layers of the ridiculously inaccurate. What the hell would make any conservative feel that Allen West would be a good prospect for the GOP VP campaign slot? Did Palin play a cheap 'race card' ploy? Does she not recognize the GOP Michael Steele and Sarah Palin tokenism failed miserably?  

Yes, I strongly feel that NBC sold-out and lowered its historical reputation for high caliber broadcasts. The network joined TLC via their airing of the completely forgettable Sarah Palin series.

When will we as a nation learn that, outward appearance (for those who think she is a looker, I do not), stand well against mental acumen and cognitive acuity; both of which are not part of the Palin package.

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