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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Romney and the Word Cloud!

The GOP and the RNC are masters at run-ups to elections.  Since Dwight Eisenhower left office and John F. Kennedy, Democrat, took office the GOP has developed campaign and election winning acumen that is only surpassed by their strong desire to return the nation back beyond FDR. Republicans have held the Oval Office more than Democrats over the past past 60 years and most administrations have served two terms. Of course, there was an exception for the one-term George H. W. Bush. If I were talking Democrat, Jimmy Carter's one term would come to mind.
The GOP has successfully moved the nation moderately Right of Center. It has accomplished much of its conservative agenda even while Democrats held the Oval Office.  We all know of elections won, in part, by 'slick' media advertising (e.g., Willie Horton ads and the Swift Boats ads).  Of more significance is the GOP's effectiveness in 'mantra' and 'moniker'. A few examples:
  • "Read my lips, no new taxes" 
  • "Compassionate Conservatives (extinct long ago)
  • "Moral Majority"
  • "Liberal Spending" (despite clear evidence Reagan and Bush W.) contributed more to our current deficit than other presidents.
  • " State's Rights"
  • "Liberal Media"
  • "Mainstream Media"
  • "Kept Us Safe"
  • "Job Creators"
The GOP has mastered the art of subliminal messages, phraseology and sloganeering: mantra. Words are powerful and when used strategically during period of "high political oratory", words stick.  The Democrats have not honed any acumen in development and use of mantra.
A perfect example of political word-smithing was the Romney victory speech after the primary victories of yesterday. I have heard and read the speech was a good speech: written well and delivered well. Frankly, I heard the speech was without any level of specifics, but I am not certain at this stage in the political battles specificity will come from the non-incumbent candidate.  On the not-so-positive side, I certainly do not expect specifics from Romney. Romney appears to much prefer, multiple paths to follow and he has shown he will follow any given path based on his audience: a trait that will haunt him as the year progresses.  As is the case of all modern-day politics following a path levels an electronic trail.  Romney has never figured out the meaning of an electronic trail.
(Word Cloud.....) A text cloud or word cloud is a visualization of word frequency in a given text as a weighted list. The technique has recently been popularized to provide a visual of  the topical content from political speeches.
Sample Cloud
Text cloud comparing 2002 State of the Union Address by U.S. President Bush and 2011 State of the Union Address by President Obama. Created at TagCrowd.

Notice the differences in the speeches. Each reflected issues of the "time" while simultaneously revealing paradigm messages rooted in party ideology. 
The Wonk Blog is showing a Word Cloud of Mitt Romney's (clincher) speech. Since I do not expose myself to Right-wing rhetoric, I did not watch the speech.

Romney Speech Video and Text Linked 
The following is a great "Word Cloud" 
Word Clouds/Text clouds of the speech.

A comment that accompanied the Word Cloud with a deleted Twitter Address. this is fascinating..I noticed choice is at the bottom so small can hardly read it. 
Speeches are crafted and developed for maximum impactImpact is only attainable via words and non-verbals associated with the speaker.  Romney's speech writers, and possibly, Romney crafted the perfect GOP speech with consideration of Romney horrible non-verbal affect. 
Notice the frequency of the words America, Obama, Americans and "better-days". Ah, effectively done!  If you think in terms of the advertising rule of repeating the message three times for mental saturation, Romney's speech probably hit the mark for people who feel President Obama's Administration was less than effective. If you feel the president has had major successes coupled with some need to improve in certain areas, the speech probably came across as Romney and GOP words developed for maximum impact with no trailing substance.  Romney has to be extremely careful now that he has survived the roller-coaster ride of undulating 'front runners'.  
President Romney has to tread a path that is as as precarious as  'speaking factually and truthfully while employed by Fox News. One misstep and the misstep has to 'face the reaper'. While Fox News' reaper is in the form of one Roger Ailes.  Romney has the nations progressives and progressive independents on one side scrutinizing his every move (or utterance) and on the other side he has the GOP's obvious 'Shock and Awe" against women. Romney also has the likes of Virginia Foxx (R) North Carolina and comments about her abhorrence of people who have student loans. You and I know that Virginia Foxx is a tip of the iceberg for Romney as a very unpopular conservative. 
Romney reminds people they are Americans; as if we had forgotten.  He wants us to know that Obama is a president who has opinion has failed. And, he wants us to know via implication better days can come with his election.   If you think over use of the word America does not also take a swipe at the president from a 'birther' and the other perspective, you might be walking in the rain and cannot feel the rain drops.
Good speech for those who may be inclined, via paradigm or susceptibility, to believe GOP election year rhetoric. If you are inclined to believe the rhetoric, you should revisit the list of bullets above. Conservative are averse to change. They will do nothing different in years to come than in years past.

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