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Monday, April 30, 2012

Romney whines about his past comments on Osama bin Laden (Flip-slipper or liar)

Mitt Romney said in 2007,  “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person.”  Romney was clearly speaking about Osama bin Laden, and he was speaking as one who interjected himself into the political arena.   

ThinkProgress then reports  the following.  Here was the August 4, 2007 headline from Reuters:

The Romney campaign recently spoke of President Obama creating a divide in the country.  "creating a divide" has become, but another cheaper case of GOP phraseology (mantra).  A divide in the nation! Now, seriously, "A divide in the nation". After three and one half years of complete of practicing irrefutable divisiveness there is actually people on the Right who would speak such?

During a White House Press conference with the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihiko Noda, President Obama was asked about the Romney campaign comments.  The president's comments are as follows.

The business of knit-picking every utterance and breathe taken by President Obama will not help the GOP gain any ground in polls, it will only appeal to their base.  How can anyone on the left deny they would campaign with mention of having taken down the nation's top terrorist (enemy)?  To do so, is weak and almost child-like, especially when one considers the 2007 comments from Romney.  Of course, Romney may have been on the 'sly' covering for the very fact the Bush had declared he was not very interested in bin Laden (anymore).

Now, let's add a major does of complete asininity to the mix.  How does CBS give the camera hungry Arianna Huffington opportunity to reverse to what some call conservative ways, by call the president's campaign team decision to run the ad, despicable"?

Ariainna who????? 

Huffington doesn’t seem to think it’s fair to speculate what Romney would have done as president based on what Romney said he would (or in this case wouldn’t) do. But the ad is stating two basic facts. One, that Obama ordered the raid that killed the al-Qaeda leader and two, that Romney said in 2007 that he wouldn’t have done the same. So is it really “despicable” to wonder whether a President Romney would have ordered the raid on bin Laden given that he said he wouldn’t do it while campaigning for president?

I will leave the issue at that point. 

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