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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Political Carnival Dot Net and John Fugelsang (Video)

When some create, The Progressive Influence listens..and often shares. Political Carnival Dot Net (A must site visit)

Posted via Creative Commons Attribution License (see below) and the Political Carnival Dot Net

VIDEO- Caffeinated with John Fugelsang: Romney vs. Muhammad Ali!

If you scroll down the post a little, you’ll see that John Fugelsang would love it if you would follow him and “like” him.
I already follow John, like John, have done radio with John on the Stephanie Miller Show, met John, laughed hysterically watching John at The Sexy Liberal Show, hugged John, been impressed with John’s hair, tweeted with John, and think he’s one of the nicest and most intelligent, rational, astute commentators/comedians out there.
Hence, this post.
If he looks familiar, here’s why:
Yes, that John Fugelsang.
Mitt Romney vs. Muhammad Ali: John Fugelsang breaks down the facts surrounding each man in the premiere of PoliPop’s first original series, Caffeinated with John Fugelsang. Subscribe for weekly episodes!

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