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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Romney Campaign (White House ready?)

Marion Young

Here it is...classic!!

[snip] Ann Coulter Melts Down on Hannity's Show Over RomneyCare

Beyond the obvious source of her aggravation, though, there were some other pretty weird and revealing statements. Remember that Fox calls itself a "news network." Yet listen to Coulter rant at Hannity about how Andrea Saul's statement negates everything "she does, everything he does" to get Mittens elected.

Note Added for emphasis: Watch the Mitt Romney Press Secretary make a campaign killing factual statement. Also notice, the quality of Press Secretary for the Romney Campaign. Ms. Saul reminds of a college intern working her way through an Associate Degree in Political Science.

[cue sarcasm]
Oh really? Their job is to get Romney elected? What about the news? What about that whole "fair and balanced" thing? No, no, listen to Coulter as she goes off about donors and how hard "they" are ALL working to get Romney elected only so Andrea Saul can ruin it all by bringing up Romneycare! [end sarcasm]

It's shameless and bizarre, and delicious. Especially delicious to see Ann beside herself with all the fury of a harpy spurned...despite the fact that she called the election back in 2010 when she said they'd lose with Mitt instead of Chris Christie.


Marion Young 

The Progressive Influence.......

The Ann Coulter reaction to Saul's comments. The segment is 9:16 minutes long. Please do not expose your gray matter to that many minutes of Sean Hannity. Our focus comes around the 5:00 mark of the video.

The insanity of the political and social Right?

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