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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Samuel Warde: Parody! Obama's Family Tree

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Author: Samuel Warde, Samuel W. Warde or Samuel Wynn Warde

Is Adolph Hitler Obama’s Father? Find out in ‘Birther: Obama’s Secret’

Birther: Obama's Secret
An amazing mockumentary making fun of all the birther nonsense floating around the internet these days.
“Birther: Obama’s Secret is a ground breaking documentary that exposes the truth about Barack Hussein Obama’s birth, religion and plans for America. We traveled from Hawaii, to Kenya to Indonesia to learn the truth about Barack Obama. We visited the Hawaiian hospital where Obama claims to have been born and uncovered the conspiracy to falsify documents. We traveled to Kenya and found Obama’s real Kenyan birth certificate. We went to Indonesia to prove Obama’s true allegiance to Islam. Birther: Obama’s Secret will open your eyes to the truth behind our leaders.”

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