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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FOX Affiliate Co-anchors, "I Am Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore."

Mail Online,, reports two Fox News affiliate have very publicly quit their co-anchor chairs in protest. Apparently, the co-hosts grew frustrated with management interference with "fair and balanced' news coverage of news items, WHAT?  A Fox News management team that is not "fair and balanced"?

We quit: Consiglio, second left, and Michaels, third left, claim bosses at Fox Bangor News forced them to report 'unbalanced' political news items

Mail Online

And finally... we quit! Two news anchors stun viewers by leaving TV station live on air after clashes with managers

PUBLISHED: 10:07 EST, 21 November 2012 | UPDATED: 12:50 EST, 21 November 2012

Two news anchors at a Fox affiliate station in Bangor, Maine have sensationally quit live on-air, citing a longstanding battle with senior management over journalistic practices.

Co-anchors Cindy Michaels, 46, and Tony Consiglio, 28, shocked both staff and viewers by announcing their resignations at the end of Tuesday’s 6 p.m. broadcast.

Michaels, who was also the station’s news director, said she had grown frustrated with senior management's influence and desire for 'somewhat unbalanced news,' particularly in relation to politics.

Co-anchors Tony Consiglio and Cindy Michaels shocked staff and viewers by announcing their resignations at the end of Tuesday's 6 p.m. Fox Bangor News broadcast

VIDEO: Fed up news anchors quit on live TV

‘There was a constant disrespecting and belittling of staff and we both felt there was a lack of knowledge from ownership and upper management in running a newsroom to the extent that I was not allowed to structure and direct them professionally,’ Michaels told 

‘I couldn’t do everything I wanted to as a news director. There was a regular undoing of decisions,’ she said.

Both Michaels and Consiglio said the idea to resign was something they had talked about for some time and so felt was right to make as a joint decision.

Neither presenter told anyone of their decision prior to Tuesday’s broadcast for fear they wouldn’t be given the opportunity to say goodbye to viewers.
.......WFVX-LP is the Fox affiliate for Central and Eastern Maine and is licensed to serve Bangor. 
The station’s general manager Mike Palmer described the on air resignations as ‘unfortunate, but not unexpected’ and denied that senior management gets involved in the daily production of news.

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