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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Slut", "Prostitute"..horrible even for Limbaugh

Addictinginfo's Wendy Gittleson has published an article with video and audio embeds which will lead to your stomach turning over and over. Rush Limbaugh's continued mining in the depths of the ludicrous, crass and disgusting has not reached bottom. The article further exposes Limbaugh as a Far-Right clown with microphone and a huge contract. What happens when a person is highly paid For his/her work with the prospect of even greater riches for a job well-done?  The person most often takes their performances to an exponential higher level. That is the American way, right?

Yes, it is and Limbaugh fulfills his role as zealously as his 'ditto heads' eat and digest the garbage. Well, what is wrong with following a favorite radio personality and digesting garbage?  After all, we all have our favorite media entertainers. We certainly follow those people incessantly and yes we  'eat-it-up' all they offer.  However, is it too much to ask how we allow ourselves to listen to and follow a person who is so obviously 'playing to a contract'?  The person is also an unabashed sexist, chauvinist, racist and in some ways show signs of a mental disorder. Large contract, no morals, no values, diarrhea of the mouth, all contribute to a very immoral entertainer/audience relationship.


Dead Talking Points: Obama Energy Policy

Obama has us more dependent on foreign oil!

Just a quick visual that will become an archive on our "Data  Scroll" Page.

OOPs..... down the drain with even more GOP rhetoric and talking points!  

Man, the person in charge of generating GOP talking points will be unemployed by June of this year if the Obama Team continues its communications strategy.

"Facts are stubborn things" - Ronald Reagan

Affordable Care Act (ACA) helps PEOPLE!

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) Enrollment

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) 

After many years of back and forth on the prospect of universal healthcare,  the Obama Administration managed to squeak through  signing the Affordable Care Act.  The Act was signed into law during a period when healthcare companies reported profits in the realm of 437% over a 10 year period.  Profits, not revenue!  The Act was passed into law with clear evidence that just about every person in Congress received lobbying money from the Healthcare, Insurance and Pharma industries.  In fact, Charlie Rangel is on record as receiving the highest level of contribution from 'Big Insurance/Pharma', but unlike his GOP counterparts, he voted Yes for passage of the ACA. 

After two solid years of listening to the horrors of ACA, information continues to ebb about its ultimate benefit to our nation. I should say the word 'benefit', if you care about the healthcare needs of people who, in the past have been denied coverage by Insurance companies, or eventually, people who simply just do not have access to proper healthcare. If you do not care about the aforementioned, well, yes, ACA is an abomination.


James Murdoch quits Key News International post

Huffington Post- MEDIA has reported on another spoke in the Ruppert Murdoch Mega-empire who has stepped down from a key executive post:: Murdoch's son James.

  , Huff Post reporter, filed the linked article this morning.            
James Murdoch
James Murdoch has stepped down as executive chairman of News International, the British arm of News Corp., the company announced Wednesday. Murdoch, who was once seen as the heir apparent to his father Rupert at the head of News Corp., has now lost a key position within the company.
Read more

If that news wasn't enough for the 'now scandal ridden' Murdoch empire, the empire's "Godfather" tweets support for another past corporation executive.

Rebecca Brooks is again in the news as investigations continue into alleged scandalous activities from New International executives and managers.  The Murdoch empire 2007 through 2011 phone hacking scandal has metastasized into full-blown corruption investigations.  The latest of which is about a 22-year old horse, and gift or loan from the  (London) Metropolitan Police.

The real shame, we have a Rebecca Brooks horse story details and an old man who should be watching over his empire vs. tweeting.  Murdoch's empire is only withstanding the results of corporate malfeasance ( their unscrupulous extent of operations) based on personal wealth and the vast extent of his empire. His inner circle has crumbled and were it nor for huge financial wherewithal, Murdoch himself would crumble. Yet, he interjects himself into an investigation which could yield results quite damaging to Brooks.

Read more

Only the 'uber' wealthy could exhibit the gall to get involved in an investigation that could still point the legal system in his direction.

The extent of corruption in Murdoch's empire, is only surpassed by personal suspicion that the rest of his empire has 'skeletons in the closet'.  Maybe, just maybe, Murdoch and his empire is reaping what it rightfully deserves:  a thorough cleansing.

Dirty Little Secret About Oil - Or, yes they do really think you're stupid!

Benjamin T. Moore Jr. hits the mark as we move into a year including posturing related to oil:  a 'Dirty Little Secret' about Oil................

Oil..the Suckers Play!

What most people do not know is that oil is considered a *global* commodity. Nothing else comes to mind when I pause to consider other "global commodities," oil may well be unique in it's status. Here is what this means. The oil we drill for find and pump right here in these United States is not considered to belong to us. It belongs to the global market.

Now before you get your panties in a knot, remember we have only 2% of the world's oil reserves yet we use 25% of the world's oil production. The prevailing approach is that all nations who are able to produce oil, pump their oil onto the global market where it is distributed and sold around the world.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Daily Ignominious : Rick Santorum, 'I Wish I Had That Particular Line Back'

This man has serious issues.

Yes, I am going to say it.

We have another case of Santorum's "constipation of the brain; diarrhea of the mouth."  

He recently responded to Fox News' Laura Ingraham as she asked about his remarks related to JFK's effort to qualm concerns about his Catholicism.  He claims to have watched JFK's historic speech to the general public. the speech in which he indicated the Pope will not call the shots of his presidency. Santorum, as you know, indicated that 'he threw up'.  THREW-UP!

Huffington Post's update article.
Rick Santorum said Sunday that John F. Kennedy's 1960 speech on the separation of church and state made him want to "throw up." On Tuesday, he said he wished he "had that particular line back." 
When conservative radio host Laura Ingraham challenged him on the apparently off-message comments that have provoked considerable controversy, the GOP presidential candidate said, "I would agree with you on that. I wish I had that particular line back."
Well, is it possible Santorum, should also think about a few of the following.

I. "Blah" People as he attempted to claim he never used the word's black people to frame a CODED welfare passage.

II. "What a snob",   as he entertained a hardcore, Obama hater audience.

III.  Various comments regarding homosexuality, sex, and contraception. 

Rick Santorum is a clear train wreck who I hope is battling Romney until the dust finally settles in Tampa Florida.

Mom and Dad's Impact on Life

A piece from a  friend, who offers insight with words that do not come as easily and eloquently to most of us. (especially me).

Allow me to introduce a screed from one we simply call, "JJ". (Please excuse the formatting and spacing issues).

My mom and dad were both born in East Boston and were 

each seven years old when the stock market crashed in 

1929. They grew up during the Great Depression. My mom's 

dad, my grandfather, was a bookbinder by trade, a union

man. I don't think he made it through the eighth grade. He

was a fiercely proud person, but my mom said he took 


menial job he could to put food on the table. She said they

were OK during this time. My dad, on the other hand, was 

poor by most standards. He was working in a grocery store 

at age 13. In those days, the store would deliver your 

groceries and he would walk up three or four flights of stairs 

with bags of groceries. He told us as kids about jumping on 

top of coal trains from overpasses and throwing coal down

where other kids would pick it up so they could take it home 

for heat.

My mom's family packed up and moved to D.C. so my 

grandfather could find work and she graduated from Notre

Dame Academy in 1939. My dad graduated from Boston 

College High School. He left Boston alone to come to 

Washington, also to find work. He went to work for the FBI 

in their identification division and went to college night. Then 

he got drafted in 1943 and spent the next three years in

the Navy in the Pacific. He got out, finished his education, 

then went to law school at night, after which he became an 

FBI agent.

My parents were hard on me regarding education. They 

knew what it meant to be really down on your luck. They

knew that education was a means to a good job, a job that

would allow them to raise a family in relative comfort. I knew 

intellectually that I needed to do well in school, but

emotionally I had other things on my mind, such as

girlfriends and having a good time on Saturday nights. We

clashed often. I graduated from high school in 1965. I

started college but after two and a half years of 

disagreement, decided to join the Air Force in 1968. After I 

got out in 1972, with a wife and child, I finished my 

undergraduate course work, and eventually went on to get a 

master's degree.

The point of all this is that at no time were my parents ever 

"snobs" about wanting me and my siblings to get a college

degree. They believed, having lived through the Depression, 

that education was the way to survive hard times. At no 

time in my life did I ever consider myself a "snob" for

wanting to get a good education. It was what I had to do to

provide for my family.

The idea that wanting a college education makes one a 

"snob" is ludicrous. One could argue that anyone taking this

position is actually fearful that the knowledge one gains via 

higher education could make one see things more clearly or, 

more importantly, see through the ideas of a person taking 

such a position. And wouldn't such a person be viewed as a 

hypocrite if that person had (1) a bachelor's degree, (2) an

 MBA, and (3) a law degree??!!


Tks...JJ..give us more, please, The Pardu

"It made me throw up" "What a snob"


The GOP a leading candidate who has proven to be as psychologically deprived as any of the remaining four candidates.  He stands taller, however, in the manner in which he goes about appealing to the extreme Right of the GOP; and it is sadly working. He stand taller, while wallowing in a gutter!

Rick Santorum will obviously say anything and do anything to remain at the top of the pack, of the most embarrassing set of presidential aspirants in US History.  I actually thought once the likes of Bachmann, Cain, and Perry left the campaign trail, sanity would prevail and the campaign would move towards productive conservative posturing and rhetoric. Well, I was as wrong as ever. While Gingrich speaks from some far planet that only he and his wife understand, Santorum has reverted to the 'bottom dweller' candidate who plays on the uninformed or those driven by extreme right-wing dogma.


The Crazy World of Fox News and Gingrich: Oil and Gas prices as GOP campaign rhetoric.

Just think, if Gingrich wins the 2012 Election this entire map would revert to Forest Green.
Even Fox News at times must face-up to the fact that their  GOP  candidates are simply, "full of it."

New Gingrich went before camera a few weeks back declared the impossible.  He declared after his inauguration as president, we will see gasoline prices at $2.50 per gallon. The only way Newt can fulfill such a promise is to have full control of oil speculators; the very people who have gasoline prices running over $4.00 per gallon for Regular Grade gasoline. Of course, if Newt had full ownership of every oil field from which the US derives its petroleum needs, he could guarantee future $2.50 per gallon prices. In either, case Gingrich demeans his audiences and potential voters via filling their brains with purely useless rhetoric. If you want to read something even more sad than Gingrichs's desperate rhetoric: The audience applauded his remarks. 

The "desperate rhetoric" then moved to the GOP's internationally renown broadcast media: Fox News. The network long ago adopted a 'cheerleader' strategy in support of all GOP none-sense, via on-air comment to their 'sycophant' viewers.


Monday, February 27, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious

The Ignominous enjoys the easy life!

Guess who?

"....10,000 bet, $10,000..."

"..let the auto industry go bankrupt."

"I drive a pickup and a Mustang, my wife drives a couple of Cadillacs."

"I am also unemployed."

"....corporations are people, my friend."

" father marched with Martin Luther King, Jr."

Hint: "Asked Sunday if he follows racing ...........  replied, "Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners," the AP reports.

Hint:  He closed  numertous offshore bank accounts (In Europe) indicating, it just did not look good for a presidential candidate".

Hint: He maintains offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands. 

HInt: He is a candidate for a a US political parties nomination to run for President of the United States.

Mitt Romney at the 2011 Daytona 500  AP 

Yes, you peeped at the AP link, didn't you?

Actually, if you had to peep at all you are obviously a Fox News viewer.


Conservapedia: Wingnut’s Path To Ignorance

Cross Posted frorm

When I’m in need of a chuckle, I point my browser to Conservapedia, the supposedly conservative alternative to Wikipedia. Conservapedia is basically where the far right fringe wackos turn to when they’re in need of ‘encyclopedic’ proof of the lies and bullshit they just heard on Fox News. In short, Conservapedia is to knowledge what the Creationist Museum is to science.

From the Conservapedia entry for 'Barack Hussein

Darrell Issa (The Witch Hunter)

Nerd..Excuse me, Wealthy Nerd!
This one needs no introduction nor close.

I will only add that this is what happens when the witch hunts fails to yield real "Desired" results.  The witch hunter flubs up and shows his chauvinism.

Think Progress:  

Rep. Issa Concedes His All-Male Anti-Contraception Hearing Was Not ‘My Greatest Success

Well, maybe a brief close. IDIOT!


Ford, Chrysler (FIAT) and GM.. Alive and setting records

One point four (1.4) million jobs literally saved via President Obama's compassion people (jobs)and love of American Industry.

Oh, did we here the mess. "The President is now running Auto companies."  "The president has given all of that money to the Unions."  "Let the auto industry go bankrupt".   "He was elected to run the country, not auto companies." Alas, the utterances of a misguided and anti-worker political party.  Now, Romney wants to win in his home state. he will probably do just that (in the GOP Primary). Even he has to know he has pooped his pants in his home state and he was not even strapped to the top of a fast moving car.

Key interactive link.

Touch a Bar...and become informed

Have another Koch and smile, Wisconsin!

Have a Koch and  a smile (uuum 2005???)

As I flipped through cable network channels yesterday while futilely attempting to avoid leering at the Academy Awards Program, I ran into one of the GOP's  most scorned governors. Scott Walker sat in an interview with a CSPAN host while dutifully commenting on the downsides of his eventual recall elections. After declaring how the state would return to high levels of debt and deficit spending, Walker was asked about his affiliation with Koch Brothers.

During that segment of the interview my world was shaken a bit as I realized I was unaware of yet another scandal out of the Koch Brothers. Bloomberg Markets Magazine reported last fall on what amounts to alleged illegal bribery of Iranian officials by members of the Koch Industries sales management team.

On October 3rd, 2011,'s Stehpen D. Foster, Jr. provided a brief synopsis to the Koch's illegal activities.  Of course, Koch Industries through their council refutes the Bloomberg Market Magazine article related to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (e.g., bribery of foreign officials). In fairness and professionalism I am going to post a link to ALM Properties article. The focuses on inaccuracies in the Bloomberg information (article).


Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Daily Ignominious

Sometimes writing takes second place to visuals........

The one thing I am absolutely certain of.... President Obama can spell Constitution!  And,  this Nerd probably thought someone liked her sign.
  If someone told these people taxes paid for ever item one which the use for protest, some of the fogies  would call the person a socialist Obama Lover.

Did this fool underline the misspelled word?

And this corporation is a direct benefactor of the Keystone XL Pipeline!
Guess most in the GOP would call this guy a bad seed!
In addition to poor quality of entertainment, this is another reason I do not linger on Fox News. His jewelry is awful CUTE!

Won't see this on Fox News

Oh, this is so American!

Sometimes you do not have to bother to write.  

I am, however, very proud of the fact that my vote will never coincide with these people. How about yours?

Republican Morris apologizes for Girl Scout remark! is reporting on an apology from Republican State Representative Morris of Indiana. 

As I previously wrote about the typically republican state representative, fair is fair on The Progressive Influence. So, the following closes this episode of 'GOP Speak'. 

Joseph Ascanio, contributor to

I am often retorted with, well, this sort of stuff happens from both sides of the isle,'  OK, please help me with the last Demcorat apology.  When you report back on the last Dem apology, factor-in the level of disgust of which the person apologized.  Does the behavior compare to the incessant GOP apologizes?


The demonizing of Barack Obama

Colbert I. KingOpinion Writer, addresses issues related to what seems typical Right-wing chagrin with President Obama. The following King article is posted on the Washington Post -OPINIONS webpage.

Out of respect and compliance with Washington Post copyright guidelines, I am posting a link to the article. The work is a quick read and effectively represents the writers opinions on a critical issue.

The demonizing of Barack Obama LINKED

Allow me one quick statement. Allow a statement that is far less eloquent than Mr. King. I have written enough civil and rational pieces on the topic to cover even the president's second term. But, today, I want to be far more basic. 

I feel that receptivity, and acclimation to our president from millions in the country has been nothing shy of disgustingly embarrassing and truly indicative of a nation who has not really shed vestiges of its sickening past.

You are being watched!


Would it surprise you to find your viewing of this very monitor is being tracked via various tracking tools?  Of course, it would not surprise you at all.

Do the following figures related to Internet usage and advertising in the US alone, set you back just a bit? $26 billion is spent on Internet advertising in the U.S.
When did you actually notice an Internet advertisement? I can tell you I never click on such ads, and cannot even tell you the last time I actually read such an ad.  Of course, with the lee of spending on internet advertising, I suspect ad agencies have mastered the art of subliminal advertising; especially for those who view, do not read and click.  Millions of us must pay much more closer attention.  Moreover, the ads must lead to additional clicks and eventual purchases.

How about four (4)  infographics which, if reviewed closely, will blow your mind. The infographics will also illustrate a basis for a The MOTLEY FOOL article which generated my interest in writing this piece.


"Unemployment will not go above 8 % with the Stimulus," President Obama said. A GOP lie!

About 2.5 years ago as the nation struggled with an devastated  economy, the Obama Administration Stimulus Package came under scrutiny.  The Republicans developed talking-points ran commercials
and generally bantered the 8 per cent figure around like a Sarah Palin misquote.

I felt the mantra was a bit strange because, I never actually heard the president utter such words. The News Geek that I am and I had heard no such words.

Time elapsed, The GOP took over the House, almost took over the Senate, occupied many State governorships and legislatures; the 8 per cent rhetoric died down. 

As of January 2012, I am again hearing the mantra and 8 per cent political oratory.

A recent Washington Post Fact Checker, again shows the extent to which the Right will misrepresent, misinform, and lie.

The following is a detailed probe into the business of, "unemployment below 8 per cent".

Mitt Romney’s claim that Obama said stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent

The Facts 

Interestingly, the information to disprove this claim exists on the Romney campaign Web site. Far from being anything that Obama said, the Romney campaign acknowledges that this 8 percent figure comes from a staff-written projection issued Jan. 9, 2009 — before Obama had taken the oath of office. Of course, the campaign still spins it as a negative. 

Here’s what happened. Two Obama aides, Christina Romer, the nominee to head the Council of Economic Advisers, and Jared Bernstein, an incoming economic adviser to Vice President-elect Biden, wrote a 14-page report that attempted to assess the impact of a possible $775 billion stimulus package and how much of a difference it would make compared to doing nothing. 

Thus, it was not an official government assessment or even an analysis of an actual plan that had passed Congress.
I noticed Romer was one of the earliest of Obama economic advisers to leave the Administration.

The GOP propaganda machine is in full-broadcast mode.  Voters Be ware!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

The GOP Debate: Sex, Money and Collusion

That’s it. Republican debates are over for now…and none too soon for the four assclowns hoping to win this thing. The consensus is that the only real winner from these debates has been President Obama who last night got to watch these guys beat themselves up over the immorality of teenage sex, the evils of birth control (the conservative crowd actually booed when birth control was mentioned…sigh), the joy of earmarks and the wondrous glory of going to war with Iran.
Here’s how Will Wilkinson of The Economist summed up last night’s debate.
The race has come down to Santorum and Romney, and they both failed to distinguish themselves tonight. Both repeatedly offered convoluted answers in the attempt to establish trivial points. As everyone’s noted, Romney’s success at hall-packing made him look like a winner even though he’s losing to Rick Freaking Santorum.
I am ashamed of and afraid for my country.
And more so, I imagine, if one is a conservative knowing that their fearless leader and savior come November is going to be one of the four saps who took the stage last night. Four years ago, conservatives had their hopes and dreams shattered with the totally inept pairing of McCain/Palin carrying the Republican banner. And now, those same hopes and dreams appear doomed with the realization that Mitt Romney or the equally inept Rick Santorum will lead the GOPers into battle. Yes, there is much to be ashamed of.
Quote of the night goes to Ron Paul who again seemed overly aggressive in attacking Santorum throughout the debate. There is talk in conservative circles that Romney and Paul are in collusion and have formed an alliance in going after Santorum and Gingrich. The question becomes what it is Romney has promised Paul in return for his help in taking down Santorum. A cabinet post in a Romney administration for Paul’s teabagging son, Rand, perhaps?
Anyway, when asked why he had referred to Santorum as a fake, Paul responded it was because “...he’s fake. I think his record’s so bad as a politician.”
Well, perhaps so, but in defense of Santorum, it’s not easy being both politician and the moral conscience of 300 million Americans. Give the guy a break. He’s going to heaven, you know.

(Thank you, E.A.)

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GOP Oklahoma elected official uses the "shoot" word

Despite the shooting of Congresswoman Gifford within the past 15 months and despite some anti-abortion radicals have been convicted of killing with guns, we have an Oklahoma elected official, speaking with "shoot-em talk".

What is it about the basic psychological make-up of the GOP (officials and constituents) that leads to such comments being, OK?
"Like I said, after this last election, the first order of business is pass a budget. Now, I believe that. I supported the Paul Ryan budget and sent it over to the Senate. Now I live with some Senators, I yell at them all the time, I grabbed one of them the other day and shook him and I’d love to get them to vote for it — boy I’d love that. You know but other than me going over there with a gun and holding it to their head and maybe killing a couple of them, I don’t think they’re going to listen unless they get beat."
Since there are people who scour articles for opportunity to nit-pick for fine detail, I think it relevant to place Sullivan's comments in full context. 

Audio (ONLY)

I often hear apologist say to me, "well, I am sure this stuff happens on both sides of the political spectrum".  Really?  Examples please?

Further commentary is unnecessary.