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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Business Insider: Romney Worse Poll Results To Date

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Brett LoGiurato | Jul. 12, 2012, 2:38 PM |

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7-12-12 #3

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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Voters Against Bringing Jobs Home


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John Liming & Mario Piperni....."Chick fil A"

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Chick-fil-A and the Jesus of Love or Hate

Chick-fil-a Egg / bble   :
Contributor John Liming reflects on restaurant chain Chick-fil-A’s religious stand against gay marriage.
I have been hearing all the uproar going on about that “Chicken” thing and since it has gone public, so to speak, I want to weigh in on it for a little bit here.
First off – - – This is The United States of America (The part that isn’t strictly Red or Blue, that is).
Because we are, for the most part, “The Land of The Free” I fully support the rights of anyone to spout off about their “Christian Values” and their “Moral Values” and their “Family Values” all they want.
Like I said, “This is America” and if someone wants to define “Christian” Values in terms that might sound a little hateful or bigoted to some folks (Like me for instance) then it is no skin off my nose and that is their right and I say “Let ‘em have at it!”
It ain’t none of my business and it ain’t about to be any of my business because I am not ever going to go into one of them places. That is my choice.
I guess if I want chicken to eat, I can get it at about a dozen places so my choices aren’t limited either.
Another thing is that I am not about to try and tell other people where to get their chicken because that is none of my business either. The last time I looked, people were still free to eat wherever they want to here in the good old U.S. of A.
But the thing is, I was taught to believe that Christianity was a religion of Love, understanding, acceptance, tolerance, forgiveness, long suffering, healing and all that other “Nice” stuff.
Some of the stuff I am hearing about this hullabaloo don’t seem to be anywhere near Christian to me and I think that if some folks are actually peddling hatred or bigotry as Christian Values they are going to have a hard time convincing Jesus to let them into the Pearly Gates when the time comes – - – and the time will surely come as it does to all of us.
Maybe it is all a matter of interpretation.
So for my part, I don’t want no part of it and definitely none of my money will ever support any of it.
See? I am an American too and although I am not Gay, I do not support any form of anything that I consider to be  discriminatory actions or language because I don’t consider such as that to be either American or Christian.
But if the Bible Thumpers, the Pew Jumpers and the Hallelujah Crowd want to take this cause to heart and defend it and support it, then that is on them, isn’t it? I think I will let Jesus sort that one out!
Like I said, “To each his own.”

Jesus of Love or Jesus of Hate!

The voting booths of the conscience are now open.

John’s piece originally appeared at The Liming Liberal Democrat.
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An Issue Beyond Debate: Congress Should Act Now to Protect Women

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July 31, 2012 
03:01 PM EDT

Ed. Note: This op-ed was first published by the McClatchy Newspapers.
I've spent a lot of years in Washington, and in the past, I had always found that even when partisanship was at its worst, there were still certain issues that rose above the normal course of politics. These days, unfortunately, even that precept is being challenged.
Protecting victims of domestic violence, an issue that has always enjoyed bipartisan support and should be well beyond debate, has become the center of one in Congress. And women across the nation are now at risk.
Let me explain what's happening:
In 1994, I wrote the Violence Against Women Act, which established several critical new protections: first, it provides law enforcement with new tools to prosecute domestic violence crimes and put offenders behind bars. Second, it helps victims find safe places to stay so they don't have to choose between living on the streets or living with someone who is hurting them. And third, it gives women a crisis hotline they can call when they need immediate help.
We've made a lot of progress as a nation since the act first became law. Annual rates of domestic violence have dropped by more than 60 percent. The national hotline has answered more than 2 million crisis calls, directing victims to life-saving assistance.
But make no mistake, this violence still happens every day.
We need to continue these programs and we need to add improvements. For example, we now know that new screening tools can help law enforcement and the courts reduce domestic violence homicide rates, helping them to step in before abuse becomes murder. Such tools might have saved Sarah Rosio, a 24-year-old Wisconsin woman who was strangled to death by her boyfriend after having been abused many times before her death. Two weeks before her death, Sarah was denied a protective order against her abuser. Sarah is gone now, tragically, but we can help others avoid her terrible fate.
To do so, Congress must make the protections in the Violence Against Women Act available to every person in this country who may ever need them. This simply cannot be up for debate in a civilized society like ours.
Every few years, the Violence Against Women Act needs to be reauthorized. And in the past, Congress has worked cooperatively to reauthorize, improve, and expand the reach of the law. Up until now.
Earlier this year, the Senate passed the bill, and they did it with both Democratic and Republican support. Unfortunately, the House did not follow this broadly bipartisan path; Republicans there passed a much weaker version of the bill. While the House bill contains some of the important provisions of the Senate bill, it lacks key improvements - like protecting more victims and requiring dating violence and sexual assault prevention programs on campus - and, in some cases, it actually rolls back current protections for victims of domestic violence.
Support for the Violence Against Women Act runs broad and deep. It includes law enforcement, prosecutors, victims' advocates, faith groups, and Democrats and Republicans alike. So this should be easy - and beyond politics. Instead, the clock is now running out for the more than 23,000 women who call our national domestic abuse hotline every month and for all women who may one day be the victims of violence.
Congress should pass the bipartisan version approved by the U.S. Senate.
I know there are fundamental differences between Democrats and Republicans, and I don't expect those to disappear. But on this issue of basic decency, where there remains so much agreement between us, Republicans and Democrats ought to leave politics at the water's edge. Because women everywhere are counting on us, and they can't wait any longer.

Blame the Media

Mitt Romney is using the exact tactic we suspected as a response to his culture" remarks: after the fact "speak". How many times has the GOP candidate grabbed a microphone to clean-up a mental mess that manifest in verbal diarrhea.  Romney seems not one bit hesitant to deploy the "say that, let it register on the listeners, and quickly disavow the intent of the message to the media".  Another phrase  for the tactic is, "etch-a-sketching".

Many who heard Romney's remarks reacted just as did Palestinian leadership.  He denigrated the Palestinian culture, while lauding the Israeli culture. Surely someone with the alleged business acumen of Romney could have come-up with a better set of nouns for his analogy if he so wished to go there.  The ultimate considerations is why "go there" unless, and of course, the candidate was seeking ways to praise Israel at the expense of denigration for Palestinians.  Let's be real, he spent moderate amounts of time hobnobbing with Casino Magnate Adelson who is under investigation via the Justice Department. Ah, yes and an Obama real estate associate was eventually convicted of his crimes. I wonder if Obama's associate was willing to pay 100 million to fund advertising for candidate Obama.

Romney's latest 'etch--a-sketch.

Huffington Post via the Associated Press published an article related to the Romney comments. It is important to know that Huff Post embedded a Fox News Clip for their screed.  I am certain some networks broadcast clips with either no analysis or analysis possibly more critical of Romney's bigoted remarks.

Fox News video


Voters Be Ware!

Romney's presidential (aspirant) trip comes to an end with a bang. While the candidate managed to avoid alienating or angering anyone  in Poland, his campaign staff continued its mysterious and crass actions.

Electronic media and print media are reporting on an incident from candidate Romney's visit to the 'Grave of the Unknown Soldier' sometime yesterday. The comment was inordinately vulgar for a presidential campaign staffer. But, then Romney's campaign staff apparently has quite a few 'mis-steppers'.

Campaign Staffer I

CNN Video (expletive deleted)

Talking Points Memo has provided a transcript of the interaction.
The campaign has a point about showing respect to the Polish People during the visit to the Grave of the Unknown solider.  But, it seems the Romney campaign lives on the crass side of 'campaign standards' and well outside the norm of protocol. The press can be an irritant and a pain, but it is an integral part of government services. One would think campaign staffers would be better 'drilled' on campaign standards.  
Of course, I reference standards for a campaign team that operate within the confines of professionalism, political acumen, and decency. The Romney's campaign team has failed in that regard on every turn and failed as effectively as Mitt Romney's acumen in US income tax avoidance. 
Campaign Staffer II
Yet another 'goose egg' comment from a campaigns staffer resulted in Romney talking the mic and providing a 'brush-back' clarification (retraction).
Dan Senor, a senior foreign-policy adviser to the Romney campaign, had said earlier that Romney would respect an Israeli decision in the event of strike on Iran, but didn’t elaborate whether Romney, if elected U.S. president, would offer help to Israel should it decide to attack Iran, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Market Watch, in the same article, reported as follows.

Monday, July 30, 2012

And Romney Thought He Would Find Israel a 'Softball'

I will allow the following video to speak for itself.  Romney goes to Israel sits next to a 'casino GOD FATHER' (strange for a Mormon) and does not shake the close relationship of Israeli leaders.

The US Jewish vote in the 2008 Election was 78% support for candidate Obama.

Veterans: Demographics and Vote Preferences

It is wonderful to see our nation expend so much thoughtfulness, energy and effort in recognition and appreciation for our veterans. Of course, as a veteran, I am  without equivocation biased towards the new reality.

I can remember a time during the Viet Nam ear when to be a veteran was an enticement to scorn, less job opportunities and eventually a victim of benefits reductions under the Bush Administration. 

The infographic above is testament to the extent to which our military is a intricate population component of everyday life in America. We have involved in wars (at times warranted and justified). Those wars have been waged with men and women who volunteer for serve their country, as well as hundreds of thousand who were drafted to serve. Since the Viet Nam Era military service has been all volunteer and the level of service man and service woman are reported to be vastly improved and indicative of professional soldiers.


Romney visits Poland Finds Boos; Back-stabs Obama Missile Defense Decision

Not doing so well overseas either, Mitt!

Mitt Romney continues his stumbling presidential campaign visit overseas.  I have wondered many times why visit Poland vs. the many nations in Europe with which President Obama has developed solid working relationships.  Well, it seems that may be a couple of reasons

Romney may have wanted to leverage leadership malcontent with President Obama's cancellation of a radar and land based missile system.  Apparently the system was slated by the Bush Administration for launch sites in Poland.  Wonder how much national defense spending Obama saved the US by cancellation of the limited defense system for a more cost-efficient, state-of-the-art-naval based system that would also work as a defense against Iranian short and medium-range missiles?

The second reason for visiting Poland is a bit more frivolous and not one that lends itself to serious thought. One has to wonder if candidate Romney wants to stir really clear of the many nations in Western Europe where he may have stashed copious investment dollars to avoid taxation in US. 

Europe Online Magazine updates Romney in Poland.

LEAD: Pro-Obama crowd greets Romney during Poland trip

Europe 30.07.2012 By our dpa-correspondent and Europe Online   

Warsaw (dpa) - US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney met on Monday with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on the last stop of a foreign tour aimed to showcase his foreign policy.
The Republican hopeful arrived in Gdansk, northern Poland, for a two-day visit he hopes will attract Polish-American voters. The visit was also aimed at showing Romney would be tougher on Russia than his opponent President Barack Obama, who is running for a second term.
Romney arrived at Gdansk‘s city hall and briefly chatted with locals before meeting with Tusk. A group was heard chanting, "Obama! Obama!" as Romney later made his way to his next meeting with anti-communist icon Lech Walesa, the former leader of Solidarity.
Both Tusk and Walesa, winner of the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize, had stressed they wanted to hear Romney‘s views of Poland and the European Union, where Poland is an increasingly influential member.
Walesa, who had invited Romney to Poland, had been critical in 2009 of Obama‘s reconfiguring of an anti-missile shield to be situated in Poland and the Czech Republic.
The shield was planned by former president George Bush, but was scaled back during Obama‘s term.
Romney recently called that move a "sudden abandonment of friends in Poland and the Czech Republic," and criticized Obama for being too soft on Russia. 


Romney Sabre Rattles and Continues Tirades That Appear as Race-Baiting

Over this past weekend Mitt Romney's made clear jingoist comments while visiting Israel. He also made other remarks that have drawn scorn form the Palestinian leaders; remarks that appear as racist.  Let's explore Romney' war-hawking' comments first.

Republican jingoism is well documented in recent US history.  You may recall George W. Bush's comments about Saddam Hussein "being a bad guy after all he tried to kill my dad" in  2002. 

CNN reported in 2002
And, in discussing the threat posed by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Bush said: "After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad."
An early first-term indication of what was to come?  When presidents speak in such terms, they often have their minds set on a future course of action. Isn't it amazing a US presidential candidate would go on an international stage, virtually promise to follow Israel to war, and simultaneously while campaigning in the US speak about cutting taxes.  Where have we heard that 'song' in the past?

Romney's comments were obviously spoken to chip away Obama Jewish support in the coming elections and to facilitate fund raising as he whines down his, not-so-presidential' trip overseas. Survey sources reported massive Exit Poll support for Obama in the 2008 General Elections: 78% voted for Obama according to the European Jewish Press.  

The following remarks serve no real purpose in international diplomacy. Factually, the remarks are no different than remarks from our current president.  President Obama would stop short of the promise of a war, as would be the expectation from most Democratic presidents. The act of guaranteeing an Israeli lead war against Iran, is foolish and dangerous.  Needless to say, such remarks are also virtually meaningless if the recipients of Romney's message consider his 'record' of lies, falsehoods, and tendencies towards out-right manipulation. Romney is without doubt the most unscrupulous presidential candidate in modern US History. From the Vanity Fair article reports of former Bain employees about Romney's recommendations to stretch the truth,  or lie to his serial lies that helped him win the 'presumptive' GOP nomination, his legacy is being written. 

Any observer can see how Romney and his campaign have handled their advertisements against President Obama.  If the candidate "lives by the lie" (via his ads and his past record), "his campaign will die by the lie". Surely Israeli leaders must understand his possible use of jingoism against Iran as a leverage in the Jewish Community. 

Take a look and listen of how Romney spent part of his weekend.

Jingoism is unnecessary as President Obama has voiced the very same words in more than one setting. The president has also proven he will take action when and where action is the last resort.  Israel's Prime Minister poured fuel on Romney's jingoism via his statements that sanctions have not work on Iran.   The Prime Minister did not address apparent omission from the Obama Administration of US  successful  cyber attacks against the Iranian nuclear program. I have read those attacks did, in fact, setback the Iranian nuclear program. 
Romney the race-baiter after the break....see below

Letter to President Obama

44th President of the United States of America, Barack H. Obama

A Letter from our dear friend Tom Robinson

Dear Mr. President,

We owe you an apology, and we sincerely hope that after reading this letter (if it somehow makes its way to you), you will find it in your heart to forgive us. During the 2008 election, you inspired us to a level of unprecedented political engagement in American politics. We canvassed door-to-door and on college campuses – as well as in online political and not-so-political chat rooms (oh, the adventures) – registering voters with one goal in mind: to secure your place in the White House.

We believed in you, despite our natural-born cynicism and grounded understanding of our political system's current dysfunction. We believed in you not because of your campaign rhetoric, but because of the deep sincerity we intuited in that rhetoric. That sincerity is rare. And, then something changed after you assumed the presidency. Over time, we became somewhat disillusioned, reverting to our former, cynical selves'. Over the last three years, we have done little to praise you.

The truth is, we have mainly critiqued you.

We critiqued your administration's reticence to pursue legal action against the Bush administration. We critiqued your signing an Affordable Care Act that didn't contain a public option. We critiqued your administration's bailing out of the financial sector, and then critiqued your administration's reticence to investigate and prosecute those in the financial sector who brought our country to its knees. We've critiqued your penchant for compromise with Republicans in our country who do nothing but carry water for the richest among us, and your willingness to work with those in the GOP who would – if given the chance – deny basic civil and human rights to the least among us.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Samuel Warde..Shares Romney's 101

Mitt Romney Tax Questions

Author: Samuel Wynn Warde or Satire with Samuel

101 Questions Romney Must Answer Regarding His Taxes

Romney has taken a public beating for weeks regarding his refusal to release more than one year of his federal income tax returns. Even 2010, the one year he did turn over, is incomplete. Romney had a bit of a short reprieve on the matter due to the Colorado massacre and his trip overseas, but this problem is not going away. Now, he is facing ever increasing pressure from leading Republican politicians and pundits to release additional records as well.
You can see his informative video below.


GDP Growth, Critical Economic Indicators, DIJA and GOP Obstruction

A backdrop graphic of those who relish slowed GDP growth!
I am no statistician and I am no economist, but my mind cannot help deep contemplate the Facebook image above.  Late this week we received the latest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) report.  The GDP improved at a rate of 1.5% growth. I have read forecast was 1.45% growth. GDP growth at 3%, I have read, would be a strong indicator of an improved economy.

Since, I am woefully inadequate in full misunderstanding the intricacies of GDP, I am going to post a definition from Wikipedia. Obviously, there is a plethora of definitions of the economic indicator, but for the simple side of me, I prefer the simple definition. 

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period. GDP per capita is often considered an indicator of a country's standard of living;[2][3]

 GDP can be determined in three ways, all of which should, in principle, give the same result. They are the product (or output) approach, the income approach, and the expenditure approach.  
The ugly details from Trading Economic Dot Com  (in annual quarters)

United States GDP Growth Rate

Trading Economic Dot Com  

U.S. Economy Grows 1.5% in Q2

Published on 7/27/2012 1:54:30 PM  | By Trading, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

U.S. real gross domestic product increased at an annual rate of 1.5 percent in the second quarter of 2012, (that is, from the first quarter to the second quarter), according to the "advance" estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the first quarter, real GDP increased 2.0 percent. 

The increase in real GDP in the second quarter primarily reflected positive contributions from personal consumption expenditures (PCE), exports, nonresidential fixed investment, private inventory investment, and residential fixed investment that were partly offset by a negative contribution from state and local government spending.  Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, increased.

The deceleration in real GDP in the second quarter primarily reflected a deceleration in PCE, an acceleration in imports, and decelerations in residential fixed investment and in nonresidential fixed investment that were partly offset by an upturn in private inventory investment, a smaller decrease in federal government spending, and an acceleration in exports.

Real personal consumption expenditures increased 1.5 percent in the second quarter, compared with an increase of 2.4 percent in the first.

Durable goods decreased 1.0 percent, in contrast to an increase of 11.5 percent.  

Non-durable goods increased 1.5 percent, compared with an increase of 1.6 percent.  Services increased 1.9 percent, compared with an increase of 1.3.

Real nonresidential fixed investment increased 5.3 percent in the second quarter, compared with an increase of 7.5 percent in the first.

Real exports of goods and services increased 5.3 percent in the second quarter, compared with an increase of 4.4 percent in the first.  

Real imports of goods and services increased 6.0 percent, compared with an increase of 3.1 percent.

Real federal government consumption expenditures and gross investment decreased 0.4 percent in the second quarter, compared with a decrease of 4.2 percent in the first.  

National defense decreased  0.4 percent, compared with a decrease of 7.1 percent.

The change in real private inventories added 0.32 percentage point to the second-quarter change in real GDP after subtracting 0.39 percentage point from the first-quarter change. 

Read More just below....


Romney Gaffes Continue

We are witnessing US History

Mitt Romney continues his "keystone cops' stumbling, gaffe laden and 'ugly Americanism' trip overseas.  While speaking with a conservative Israeli newspaper, the Israel News, Romney spoke in  xenophobic "speak" as never before observed from an American statesman. Or, should I say 'wanna-be' statesman. The GOP candidate is quickly showing the world he is still a model of vulture capitalism who exhibits all the traits of a callous, rude and crass robot.

Romney undoubtedly felt his anti-Islamic xenophobia would strike a positive note with Israeli leaders and the nation's hawks.  He appears as completely void of  requisite acumen in International protocol, and he appears to discard opportunity for perception of fairness from all Islamic leaders in the region. He sold them off for the price of an audience that is forecast to garner a minimum of $250,000 in contributions to his campaign.

Where is Romney's campaign staff?  Is there any level of political expertise to provide the "Lost in Space" candidate a modicum of  'international correctness.  Of course, I assume his team is such that they would stir Romney clear of actions that are sure to cause international ill-will towards his candidacy. Moreover, his penchant to vilipend in just about all interactions since he left the plane in England should make a person shudder at the thought of his visit to Poland.


This Is What They Do!

idaho billboard compares obama james holmes

They?  Who is "they"?

You can pick "they" are easily as shopping for vegetables at the local supermarket.  The sign above is the work of a local Libertarian group in the great State of Idaho.  Well, that answers a bunch of questions, but doesn't do a thing to dismiss the signage.

The sign is abhorrent and utterly disrespectful of the victims of the Colorado shooting. There is yet another group of people who are victims of this libertarian exhibit: the heroes who have given their lives for country in Afghanistan.