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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cruz Exemplifies Quality Of Tea Party Members In Congress

 A small image for a very small member of the US Senate.

Newly elected Tea Party Senator from the State of Texas, Ted Cruz,  exhibited uncharacteristically disgusting character and actions at a recent Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing. During the final stages of the Check Hagel nomination and confirmation process  mantel in thew very worse way.

Cruz's actions were akin to those of Eugene McCarthy anti-communist testimony of the 1950s.  More recently, and with far less acceptable demeanor,  he reminds of Rand Paul attacking Hillary Clinton with lies he took straight from the likes of Glenn Beck.  We understand what it takes to win election in some districts (as evidenced by the elections of Michelle Bachmann, Joe Walsh and Allen West).  It is quite possible constituents in Cruz's district expect such behavior.  But, should their expectations include flat-out made up lies and sickening, libelous innuendo. Unlike, Rand Paul's Glenn Beck recital  it appears Cruz simply made-up his McCarthyism.

What do you think? 

 The Hill...."Ted Cruz slanders war hero, embarrasses Texas and violates Armed Services Committee tradition"
ExcerptNationally, the shameful performance by Cruz, who acted like Joe McCarthy in short pants with his insults of war hero Hagel, illustrates why Republicans keep losing elections, why the Republican and Tea Party brands are in such disrepute, and why the so-called Republican reboot (which I have called the Republican retoot) is still not close to credible. 
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Since we reported on Cruz's remarks.  Let's take a look and listen to the proper way to deal with a "bully", "mad-dog", and " nuisance", in a statesmanlike manner.  Acts such as the performance by Cruz must be dealt with immediately and with extinguishing impact.  If Tea Party types like Cruz are allowed to spew such venom, the venom gets more outrageous.One last perspective. Cruz is a Senatorial rookie.  Her has been in his Senate seat and office less than two months. Two Months!  He has not even been in office long enough to be able to accurately assess how long it would take flatulence to reach his administrative assistant's desk before spraying air freshener.  Former Astronaut and Congress from Florida Ben Nelson addresses Senatorial decorum while exhibiting professionalism in his demeanor. 

Scarborough hones in...  

 A minor posit.  We realize the GOP, GOP money grabbers, Dick Armey, Freedom works and others via false mantra (AKA the Tea Party) performed an effective job of stealing the US House of Representatives.  The political operatives and money almost lost the Senate to the Tea Party.  If it were not for a few really quirky candidates, the Senate may have been lost also.  The strategy worked. 

Many Americans, for various reasons, bought into the Tea Party. They did so without recognizing they had succumbed to a movement focused on social regression to the nations past vs. truly serious efforts to cut taxes and reduce spending. The Tea Party laden (infested) House was the least productive in recent US History. Cruz is a Senator, granted, and not a member of the Tea Party House, yet there is value in looking at how a cancer in the House contributed to significant lack of growth on issues critical to the nation.  

What types of legislation passed the House from the 12,296 bills proposed. (Click Graphic for larger version)

We feel that empirical evidence above speaks to the political and social cancer called the Tea Party. We also state Cruz , as a Senator, appears well molded as a Tea Party politician who will via his presence lower the quality of professional and credibility in the US Congress.

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