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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Morning Java: The Daily Infographic ...The World As 100 People

"Cat People"  David Bowie

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The World As 100 People [Infographic]

APRIL 10, 2013 |  BY   |  MIND-BLOWING  |  

Today’s infographic shows a remarkable study in simplification. Jack Hagely’s design shows that if the entire world were conveniently simplified to 100 people (ie equating a percentage as a number of people), it will show how our world compares as a whole in different areas of life. As a person living in a free country with many rights and privileges, it gave me quite a lot of perspective.

Take, for instance, the fact that if the entire world were 100 people, 17 of you would not be able to read these words. In fact, only 22 of you would even have the access to a computer to read this, literacy or not! But even if you could read and had a computer to read this, only 5 of you would be able to read English! How’s that for a slim chance of making a difference! Thankfully, the world is not composed of just 100 people. There are billions of us which means that there are billions of times more than the numbers above! Though I would have loved some more categories – how many have access to cell phones, sexual preference etc. I think that this infographic simplifies a lot of information in a neat way! Let us know what you think! Were you surprised by any of the statistics?

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The following video is a digital representation of the "100".  It is often referred to as the Village of 100. Copyright laws prohibit opportunity to embed the "Village of 100" video. I have chosen another video presentation. 

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