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Monday, August 5, 2013

ObamaCareFacts......Dispelling The Myths I

We are going to repost information about the Affordable Care Act from the webpage.  There is no substitute for actually visiting the webpage. Our efforts are focused on reaching the person who may not have time to comb through the encyclopedic Obamacarefacts webpage. Some information appears a bit dated as we have confirmation "death panels" are not part of the ACA. 

The Following Are Some Common Myths About Obama's Health Care Reform

New ObamaCare myths are coming out every day. Keep checking back as we fact check the rhetoric.

ObamaCare Myth: Obamacare Means Higher Premiums
One of the most wide spread ObamaCare myths is that ObamaCare increases insurance premiums. While many Americans have seen their health insurance premiums rise since the passing of the new health care law, blaming "ObamaCare" is an over simplification of the truth. ObamaCare actually stops insurance companies from raising premiums on sick people and people with preexisting conditions. It also adds a number of consumer protections and cost-cutting measures that help to decrease the growing rate of health insurance.
One of the major aims of the program is to make insurance more affordable the tens of millions of Americans who could not previously afford insurance. One of the ways ObamaCare helps to lower insurance premiums is by letting low and middle income Americans shop for health insurance on the "insurance exchanges", an online market wherehealthcare providers offer affordable quality healthcare to compete to be your healthcare provider.
A recent CBO report shows that ObamaCare is projected to lower most Americans insurance premiums by 5 - 7%. That being said some Americans, especially families above the 400% FLP mark are projected to pay more forinsurance as are those who purchase high-cost plans. Regardless of this, the average cots of insurance is going down, while the rate at which costs are rising is being curbed.

Despite the best intensions and consumer protections offered by the new health care law (such as insurance companies being required to justify rate hikes of a certain amount to the State for approval), it has not preventedinsurance companies are raising rates to compensate for costly aspects of the program such preexisting conditions reform.

ObamaCare Myth: Obamacare Means Higher Taxes
Most Americans will save thousands of dollars a year on medical costs and taxes. In fact ObamaCare includes the biggest middle class tax cut to health insurance in our nation's history by lowering premiums for the average family (primarily low and middle class Americans). While there are a few taxes that may impact Americans above 133% of the poverty level, the only one that impacts them directly is the "tax penalty". The "penalty" (officially a tax) is levied on Americans who don't purchase insurance and is taken off on your income tax.

An important ancillary effect of the new health care taxes is the mandate that employers with over 50 full-time employees offer health insurance to those employees. This has caused some employers to cut workers hours.
The only people who are affected by the 3.8% tax you hear about are about 3% of businesses and 140,000 of Americas richest families with income over $250k and capital gains over $250k. - See ObamaCare Taxes for More info and Myth debunking on taxes.

In other words, ObamaCare provides 99% of families and 97% of small businesses with better quality healthcare for less money.

ObamaCare Myth: Lower Wage / Fewer Jobs
The biggest job creators are small businesses with under 10 employees, next is under 20, next is under 30 employees (it goes on from there). These businesses can receive tax credits to help ease the burden of providinghealth insurance to their employees. Small businesses have historically had the hardest time providing coverage and affording it for themselves.
Only businesses with over 50 employees who don't already provide health benefits to their full-timers will be affected. These businesses account for .2% of the population. While employees of some of those companies may have their hours cut to part time in order for employers to avoid paying a penalty, ObamaCare actually creates millions of jobs, including tens of thousands of new health care jobs, 16,000 new IRS jobs as well as many more private-sector jobs (especially in small businesses with under 25 employees) and other government jobs.

Most of the top 3% of small businesses polled said that the idea that ObamaCare would affect their job growth or hiring process was an "ObamaCare myth".
Although ObamaCare doesn't directly result in job loss, companies are cutting back hours of full-time workers to below 27 hours in order to avoid providing them with healthcare. These companies are, expectedly major chains (we will provide a list shortly, please write us if this has happened to you) and Government jobs.

ObamaCare Myth: Death Panels
The concept of death panels, panels that provision health care and decide if you will live or die, is an ObamaCare myth. There is, however, financial advisory panels that studies treatments to keep health care costs down. There was a provision in the health care bill that had to be removed due to this rumor. The provision would have paid doctors for providing voluntary counseling to Medicare patients about wills and end-of-life care options. Removing the provision did, ironically, hurt seniors. That fact is, your health care is in the hands of you and your doctor. ObamaCare regulates insurance not health care.

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