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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Sunday Morning With Palin ...For Fox News Viewers

Sarah Palin speaks to Fox News
Psycho babble alert!

We knew when Fox News crawled back to Sarah Palin with a contract, our world (via newscasts) would again return to period expositions of psycho-babble.  It is not our intent to be mean-spirited, but the Palin book release and political season opportunity to contribute to the money Palin household is nothing shy of a horrific thought. Fox News is an entertainment outlet, but when Palin is booked on a show, the segments seam to explode across social media like an exploding nebula.

If you want to see how millions spend time soaking-up psycho-babble, we offer the perfect exposition (nebula explosion). Chris Wallace broadcast a segment in which he asked Palin three separate "turn-her-on and let-her-babble" questions. The topics were, Christmas, the ACA and filibuster reform (from the Left). We are offering (via Americans Against The Tea Party) an answer to one question: filibuster reform. How can any network allow such babble to cross their airways?

Americans Against The Tea Party  

If you followed the Americans Against The Tea Party link above you saw a second example of insane Right-wing psycho-babble. If you did not follow the AATP link, you should play the following segment from CSPAN. Notice the patient of the man picture on the screen and also notice the haste of the moderator in ending the segment.

The Raw Story also published the Filibuster segment of the Palin interview.

If you watched the full segment, you may have noticed how Chris Wallace ended with Palin. He gave a hearty laugh. If you think about the laugh, it is as telling as hearing a "laugh-track" on SNL. Did Wallace consider the Palin babble comical?  If so, what was comical about the babble?  Or, was it Palin crass manner of ending the psycho-babble: "it stinks?" In either case, is it possible Wallace ends most of his interviews in the same manner?

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