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Friday, November 22, 2013

AddictingInfo: Craig Cobb's Racist World Unravels At The Hand Of His Own Racist Flock

Re-Blog via Addictinginfo Dot Org.

White Supremacist Hilariously Becomes Victim Of His Own White Supremacy

AUTHOR:  NOVEMBER 21, 2013 2:09 PM
White supremacist Craig Cobb became an ironic victim of racism and hate.
What happens when a white supremacist finds out he’s part black? His racist followers turn against him, and he gets the chance to learn an important lesson. Image: CKM Addicting Info
In an ironic turn of events, a white supremacist is now experiencing what it feels like when African-Americans are targeted by racist losers.

White supremacist Craig Cobb becomes an ironic victim of racism and hate.

If there’s one thing you can bet that Craig Cobb wants to go back in time and change, it would be agreeing to have his DNA tested to prove his racial purity. Since time-travel isn’t something humans are capable of doing, Cobb is out of luck. He’s also in jail. Why is he in jail? Because he brandished a shotgun while on a “patrol” of the North Dakota town he wanted to take over, and scared the locals.
Cobb says he took the action because he felt threatened and harassed by his neighbors. But that’s not the whole story. As it turns out, Cobb’s own followers are responsible for the harassment against him. Not long after a DNA test revealed that Cobb is 14 percent black, his fellow white supremacists turned against him and directed their racism and hatred toward him.
According to the Los Angeles Times, Cobb became the victim of racism after a white supremacist (former) ally painted racist graffiti on his home. Grant County Assistant State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz told the LA Times all about it.
“The individual in question was interviewed, and when his interview answers weren’t matching up, he essentially admitted it,” Schwarz said. “The one that tipped it off — he painted on the house, ‘BACK IN BLACK,’ and he’s not an AC/DC fan.”

White supremacist allies are turning against Cobb because his DNA shows he has African roots.

Apparently, Cobb made up the story about being harassed by neighbors because he didn’t want to admit that he’d been targeted by his own racist pals. Earlier this month on the White Supremacist show, Cobb voluntarily submitted his DNA for testing to prove his racial purity. While on the program, Goddard informed Cobb that the results show that he has African roots. The 62-year-old racist became defensive and went into denial as the audience laughed hysterically.
This latest twist in the Cobb saga is also hilarious, even to Schwarz. As the LA Times reports,
“I’ve got a small community that is absolutely justified in being in fear of this man and his escalation,” Schwarz said. Of the graffiti incident, he added with a laugh, “‘Back in black’ — there’s got to be some irony in it.”

This turn of events couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

Indeed there certainly is. Craig Cobb is a wanted man in Canada for committing hate crimes. He moved to Leith, North Dakota to turn the area into a Neo-Nazi paradise. Cobb’s made it clear that he hates people of color and supports violence and hatred against them. But in a fantastic example of “what goes around, comes around,” this particular racist finds out that his DNA isn’t “pure.” Whatever that means. He then experiences the same hatred and racism he’s been inflicting upon those he considers “inferior.” Now, Cobb sits in jail and his dream of a racist, “whites only” paradise is in shambles. He is in complete denial about his own ancestry, and his own comrades are beginning to reject him all because his DNA shows African origins that all people in the world share. It’s ironic. It’s hilarious. It’s also kinda tragic. And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

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