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Sunday, November 24, 2013

CBS Hires Former Fox Executive in 2011, Two Years Later 60 Minutes Goes Fox News

CBS claims to have their "false Benghazi" report "Under Journalistic Review." Seriously? If CBS doesn't undertake a hiring practices review in the Internal review, the network is missing opportunity to redeem its once storied 60 Minutes investigative new magazine.  

Is it possible the 60 Minutes "false report" has genesis in the hire of David Rhodes as far back as 2011? 

CBS News October 10, 2012 

 Select article excerpts
David Rhodes was named President of CBS News in February 2011.
David Rhodes, President, CBS News

David Rhodes
As President, he is responsible for programs including the award-winning broadcasts "CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley", "CBS This Morning", "CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood", "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer", and "48 Hours." He directs network newsgathering for all CBS News platforms including television,, and CBS News Radio.

....Prior to joining CBS News, Rhodes held senior roles at Bloomberg and at Fox News. At Bloomberg he was head of US Television, responsible for all programming, development, editorial, and newsgathering. 
....Rhodes began his career as a Production Assistant at the newly-launched Fox News Channel in 1996, where he later became Vice President of News. At the network he managed coverage of three presidential elections, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, hurricanes including Katrina, and was the channel's Assignment Manager on the news desk the morning of September 11, 2001.

The excerpts above indicate Rhodes came of journalistic age at Fox News. What does that tell you?  It should tell you a few things in quick order. 

A.)  Fox News broadcast news stories via segments with the singular intent of advancing conservative political propaganda.

B.)  Fox News has broadcast segments that are far more than other networks proven to have been either misleading, developed to misinform, too often embellished with "false fabricated" details, and much more than industry standard  augmented with "'message tape editing." 

C.)  Fox News laces salacious video shots of show hosts and on-camera (so-called SMEs -subject matter experts). I (not up high enough), II (couldn't cross em off camera), III (seriously), IV (classic), V (off camera direction at 4 second mark?) [See two 60 Minutes images below for relevance]

For those who might feel Item "C" a bit of a stretch, we respond with an excerpt from Olivia Barker's USA Today (September 2013) piece:

Gretchen Carlson on the radio...

"Pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends, remember?" she told former co-host Brian Kilmeade on his Fox News Radio show yesterday. (We're guessing the rule only applied to female hosts, considering we've never caught Kilmeade or Steve Doocy in a skirt.)

D.) Fox News is a prime purveyor of Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS). 

Our point in items "A" through "D" support our contention that recent hires at CBS has been accomplished with one purpose: convert the news magazine to attract conservative viewers. Executive employment is more often than not accompanies corporate strategy. CBS Chairman Jeff Fager will be forced to consider both decisions hire the former Fox News Executive and Rhodes hire of Lara Logan. The "journalistic review" should also find it impossible to avoid Rhodes use of the Fox News business model at CBS (specifically via the 60 Minutes Benghazi story). Executives are no different from you or me (despite their exorbitant compensation),  we repeat what works and we repeat success. A Fox News executive who developed as a news professional in the 'yellow journalism' environment of Ruppert Murdoch's Fox News, will repeat success he experienced at Fox. We posit the Benghazi story was classic Fox.  

If you take yet another look at how the Fox News model was developed and presented in the now famous 60 Minutes segment. 

The evening of the Benghazi broadcast.


The  evening of the apology.

A marked difference. A difference between viewer focused attire and reverenced reparation with a flair of professionalism befitting a Sunday evening broadcast.

Decisions such as the decision to transform CBS from a respected news network to a network focused on conservatives viewers  "sopping the plate" seeking that last drop of ODS, feed all that is wrong in the nation.  A nation where the majority of American get their news from television, is a gold mine for conservative plutocrats, operatives and money-grabbing network executives. 

Media Matters has published a piece that reveals more angles of the 60 Minutes segment. The piece is a must read and reflects a trail of peripheral non-news issues that seem to follow Lara Logan across continents. 

If you need a bit more related to CBS and the hire of Rhodes, think about what could be considered major failures in the Rhodes staffing model.  We are providing a link to a Google search performed as we sought a few details related to the Media Matters piece.  Competent employment specialist have ways of building employment profiles that reveal information one the first page of the linked  Google search.  We offer those employment process related facts, but we must also offer in some cases such facts do not matter. We suspect Rhodes has no issues with on-air personalities who seem to exist with a "cloud" that seems to embody their professional existence. 

Maybe the CBS "journalistic review" will lead to a 60 Minutes that resembles its days of investigative and exposition integrity. 

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