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Thursday, November 28, 2013

CNN Tries To Get A Response From Marsha Blackburn

CNN would do better to attempt to take prey from a ravished Lion!

In late October CNN booked the GOP's number one mouth-piece, (Marsha Blackburn  (TN),  to discuss the ACA.  If you are familiar with "Machine-Gun-Mouth" Blackburn, you know any interview will include few ( If any) answered questions, but much "Playbook" talking points. For point of reference and to illustrate GOP "Lock-step" talking points regarding the ACA this how they go about it: "GOP House Playbook."

The Playbook facilitates messaging to people who are inclined to believe their messaging. 

The October interview was up to par basically, "....let's just stick to our "playbook". No one has done anything to shake our strategy." The intriguing point about the following interaction, it was so obviously intentional. I actually believe McConnell was referencing a two hour meeting with other republicans vs a group of Democrats.   

Paul , McConnell and messaging

We offer a couple of additional examples of lock-step and the mindset that embraces people as no thinking, but well coordinated recipients of orders.  When I think of such tactics, I think of this, and this.  People do not lock-step unless drilled to do so.

Blackburn 'lock-steps' Like no other!
Nation of Change Dot Org

CNN Anchor Challenges Congresswoman to Substantive ObamaCare Criticism, Hilarity Ensues.

Published: Saturday 26 October 2013 
Asked to explain how requiring enrollees to enter their biographical enrollment information violates a law that only applies to medical data between medical entities, Blackburn demurred: 
COSTELLO: So what specifically were you referring to on the website that violates, that could possibly violate HIPAA? 
BLACKBURN: We are concerned about privacy overall. Data security privacy and of course applying and complying with the HIPAA laws, and… 
COSTELLO: But what question specifically asks that would concern you about HIPAA, what medical question does it ask? 
BLACKBURN: Carol, HIPAA requires you to — it’s the way you structure your website and the way you transit the information, the transfer rights that are there, and when you look at privacy on these websites, what you have to do is keep all of the application information in one server [...] 
COSTELLO: I’m trying to understand what kind of information you’re talking about. What kind of information are you talking about? What specifically does the website ask that I might be afraid might shared with whomever? Specifically. What information? 
BLACKBURN: You should be very concerned not only as you navigate the website but as you make a purchase, and then as your information is handled, what we want to make certain is that an individual’s medical information their financial information is all going to be kept in a private manner. What we do not want is a peeping Tom who is going to look through their PII, their personal identifying information. they want to make certain the federal government has standards and are applying and abiding by the privacy laws that are on the books and by the HIPAA regulations that every hospital and every doctor abide by. so this is a serious investigation, looking at the entire roll-out and launch of this website, how this data is being used.
The is nothing like a visual.  Watch as Blackburn completely ignores the final question.

The really sad part of GOP lock-step; it does not hide the fact that the party has no interest in the benefits of the ACA.  Their uber wealthy money-brokers are against the ACA. When coupled with systemic GOP lack of compassion for policy and practice that reach into the humane, the outcome is what you see: nothing.  Ever notice that when asked how the GOP would replace the ACA, they simply shut-up. They do not respond. They will not speak on replacing because they have no interest in healthcare or insurance reform. 

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