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Friday, November 22, 2013

GOP Playbook....A Process to Deny American Government

screenshotGOPplaybook 260x335 GOP Playbook Looks to Capitalize on Obamacare Woes
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Anti-Affordable Care Act strategy and GOP talking-points have been revealed by multiple sources. CNN has acquired a 'playbook' that makes the 2009 Right Principles (See link below) town-hall "disruptors" meeting instructions read as kindergarten childs-play. 

There are givens with the GOP that as reliable as GOP presidential candidates winning all southern states.
I. The GOP will never work with the Obama Administration to help the nation reduce its debt, provide fair and equitable lives for our citizens, nor will the Party on the Right consider improving our economy raising taxes n the nations wealthy.  

II. The GOP will go about its governance with strict attention to doing the bidding of the nation's uber wealthy conservatives, even if policy and practice are detrimental to us all. (e.g., Kochisms and ALEC-itis)  

III. In addition to a party paradigm of avoiding assistance to the most needy, the party will never work to provide a healthcare system other than the failed system that for years has gobbled-up GDP like a wolverine. Kaiser Health, Brookings, Bloomberg and other sources have published on health care cost as a 'black hole' drain on GDP through 2021. 

IV. The party as a lock-step unit will follow marching orders as surely as starving and ravaged Japanese in Pacific Island caves. Even after being abandon by those who enacted impetus for their eventual death.  

V. Party operatives like Karl Rove and John Sunnunu learn from past successes and without exception applies those successes for even more effective strategy. Strategy that is very effective at taping into paradigms and social "land-mines" left by previous administrations and, or, left by GOP operatives of old. In other words, Richard Nixon's C.R.E.E.P. Team had nothing on the George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney's political operatives.The revelation of a formal 'playbook" for killing a law that could provide a multitude of good for people with no health care, is no surprise. It is a stark reality for those among us who spend time feeding our brains as counter measures against the Right. We know, GOP politicians are "lock and step," in all they do.
Do you ever notice how "lock-stepped" and "exacting" GOP members of Congress, pundits and Fox News are as they go about their daily railing against the ACA? If you need reminders try these:
"I lost my insurance."
"My kids cannot be covered."
"I have to release employees base don the exorbitant cost of Obamacare."
"The ACA does not work."
" ObamaCare means many more part-time workers vs full-time coverage eligible employees."
"OnamaCare increases healthcare costs."
"The ACA website is a mess.' (Granted, factual and inexcusable... The Pardu)
"The exchanges may not be secure."
"Obamacare rolloout is comparable to Bush's Katrina." (Seriously? ... The Pardu)
The GOP is quite crafty in formulating effective 'jargon, sloganeering, and mantra, to reach into the minds of people who do not dig deep for information. The party is as effective at crafting such communication tricks as ALEC is in handing off "model" legislation to subservient and accommodating GOP politicians. The party "lock and steps" in ways unprecedented in US politics and US History. 

Actually people are so individualistic in life, it is mentally impossible to have lock-step talking-points without boiler-room strategy meetings. Meetings that deliver output like the old Right's Principles instructions as stated above. You should recall the summer of 2009 Congressional Recess as shrouded in anti-healthcare reform town hall meeting "interrupters" equipped with Right Principles.

The 2009 Right Principles strategy worked as well as the Nixon CREEP Team in securing Nixon's reelection.  The strategy worked well until the press caught-up with the amateurish break-in at the WaterGate Hotel (See "All The Presidents Men"; Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman). Dirty tricks work!

The Right Principles (See pages 1 - 3) signatured pdf

Now, watch people who seem to be over the age of 65 show a horrid side of American Exceptionalism. (I, II,) 

If you recall news broadcast the summer of 2009, you will recall how angry agitators drowned-out open town hall communication as instructed via the Right Principles. The agitators screamed, pointed fingers, cursed and generally acted like crazed fools, and many appeared to be well above the age of Medicare eligibility. Thus, they may have performed as agitators with no personal need for the developing Affordable Care Act.

Do you recall the message the GOP deployed for last summer's recess?  Yes, you recall it: "Impeach the president." Each GOP member of congress who allowed himself to be video taped and some who did not agreed to the taping, mentioned the word "Impeach." Coincidence from the US Congress is a non-reality. The American Exceptionalism congressionals who spoke of impeachment were "lock-step."

When I think of such tactics, I think of this, and this.  People do not lock-step unless drilled to do so.

Before showing the latest version of "marching orders lockstep" reflect back up to the Right Principles.


Posted by
CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta  
Washington (CNN) - It's a playbook on the bruising field of health care politics, complete with "x's and o's."  
The House Republican strategy memo, entitled "Because of Obamacare... I lost my insurance," offers samples of talking points, social media, videos, digital flyers, op-eds, and a fact sheet for GOP lawmakers doing battle against the president's signature legislative achievement. 
The playbook speaks to how the GOP goes about its business. We posit a less sophisticated but nonetheless effective set of actions as prelude to strategic Anti-Obama obstruction took place the evening of his first inauguration. 

Frankly, we feel the "playbook" represents a manifesto addendum of a party guided by non-elected plutocrats and dependent on an infrastructure of highly compensated operatives, with an ultimate goal of dismantling the US Government. If you believe for one second operatives for libertarian mega wealthy industrialist did not contribute to the "lock-step" document, you could be an enabler.

Now, going forward let's watch and listen to the camera hungry congressionals like Marsha Blackburn, Ted Cruz and GOP surrogates roll-out the talking points with each and every paragraph they utter. 

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