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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ted Cruz Grows Angry At Interviewer And Shows His Inner Psyche

As I prepared to leave home this morning, I heard New Day host Chris Cuomo would sit with Ted (Shut Down) Cruz Sen (R-TX) for an interview. My reaction to the post commercial- break segment immediately resulted in a channel change. First, I do not give Ted Cruz an opportunity to spew his brand of political garbage through my ears to my brain. Second, I will admit to the negative thought that CNN would follow their obvious right-lean via providing the camera hound (Cruz) a 4 minute personal commercial. I was wrong!

Apparently, Chris Cuomo moved the interview to the Affordable Care Act within the first minute of the interview. The newly coined GOP talking point "start over" was apparently Cruz 's mission of the day. GOP politicians generally fail to assess their situation when they step outside of the very accommodating cameras of Fox News. Cruz saw his opportunity to deliver what has to be GOP talking-point strategy, but ran up against an unexpected "glitch." He ran up against an interviewer who obviously values his role as a person, in the interview setting, who's responsibility includes, seeking, clarifying or questioning. 

We are so often exposed to interviewers who will pose a question, sit back and fulfill the Fox News interview model. They ask a soft questions and allow the guest to simply bark out rhetoric. The perfect  example was Cuomo's partner Kate Bolduan's interview with Ann Romney this past Monday. CNN has ample numbers of such interviewer (hosts).   Granted Mrs. Romney should to be an item of political positing, but when the interviewer and the guest opens up with , "Oh it would have been wonderful.....," " Things would have been different....," "....the economy," "," and the like, we will posit. 

It was refreshing to see a video segment of the Cuomo/Cruz interview in which Cruz was actually questioned about

his motives, his rhetoric and his actions.

The Cruz interview follows, but allow a quick foray into Ted Cruz.

Cruz's Senatorial Leadership of the Tea Party House of Representatives led to strategically planned  shutdown of the Federal Government. The shutdown cost the nation billions (estimates range from $ eight billion to $24 bilion), it is reported to have resulted in negative impact to GDP and unemployment, and no one can argue the shutdown provided unwanted vacations for million federal employees. Most furloughed government employees will be paid for their GOP sponsored time-off. 

Despite his Machiavellian and cavalier mannerism, Ted Cruz is a one-man Congressional ratings plunger.

CNN' Chris Cuomo

It seems Cruz was caught off-guard and retaliated like a wounded rattlesnake. His attack barbs were child-like and as effective as any Fox News viewer would find entertaining. One problem, he was not sitting in front of a Fox News camera.  

Cruz never answers questions relative to his assessment (and that of his party) that the  ACA cannot be assessed for effectiveness as it has not commenced. He skirted the questions with preference for common Fox News-like rhetoric. Rhetoric like, millions are affected by loss of coverage.   

Cruz chooses to ignore the fact that many more millions will have opportunity for some form of medical coverage previously unavailable from past administrations. He is too smart to allow conversation that could yield Center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) data indicating the ACA will generate $8 Billion via Medicare Pharma "donut hole" shrinkage.  Cruz omits many potential benefits via the ACA, while relishing in his contributions from the anti-ACA Koch brothers.

Yet, another interview fallacy. Cruz dares mention minorities African-Americans). After standing on a stage expressing deep affection and love for Jesse Helms, he dares mention a concern about African-Americans.

An overriding reality of Ted Cruz; he has been in office less than 11 months and his level of political contributions from special interest groups is phenomenal.  Do you think he receives money for ACA support groups? 

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