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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The ACA Is More Than Cancelled Policies; There Is A Much Greater Good

CNN Crossfire Van Jones, "Do you think you owe the GOP an apology?" The questions was the theme of an October 13, 2013 edition of CNN Crossfire. Jones hosted a segment after the Federal Government was re-opened for business and the impact of the GOP shutdown became public knowledge. Jones also referenced another dynamic. Cruz led an anti-ACA charge to much lower congressional ratings. His actions were as ill advised as George W, Bush and Dick Cheney charge into Iraq. 

CNN article excerpt ....

On the other hand, “House Republicans are listening to the millions of Americans” Cruz says are suffering under Obamacare, losing their jobs, work hours and insurance.

Work Hours? Part-time employees since the ACA
The Economic Policy Institute
One of the more baffling messages in the current debate over the economy and “Obamacare” is the hue and cry over the trend in part-time employment. The fact is that since the end of the Great Recession, the trend in part-time employment has been down, not up. The black line in the chart below shows the share of part-time workers in the labor force. The light blue region shows the level of workers who are part-time due to economic reasons. The navy blue region show the level of workers who are part time due to “non-economic” reasons (health, child care responsibilities, etc.). The vertical bars denote recessions, from peak to trough. 

Each and everyday we see and hear republicans railing about how the ACA has failed. It needs to be take off the federal registers. "We need to start over."  They actually say, "start over."  The GOP under the direction of their Koch brothers led money-brokers never "started."

As sad is it sounds, GOP members of Congress actually appear to be cheer glitches associated with the ACA rollout. The party on the Right, libertarians and the majority of Americas conservatives have no interest in working the ACA to full deployment and working status. 

We offer news/information segments that address various aspects of the ACA well beyond those items the GOP wants us to believe "killing the law." Actually, there is much more information than is included in the two following MSNBC segments. But, time only allows for presentation of so much information at a time. Much relevant information requires lots of reading and digging. The GOP knows we as a people will not dig deep. In fact, we tend to get our new from television. Well television news is available from sources beyond CNN and Fox News.

Steve Rattner on MSNBC Morning Joe dissecting issues related to the ACA rollout.  

MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnell and the various fissures of the ACA beyond that you will find on network news, Fox News and for the most part on CNN.

The following is from the Democratic Policy & Communication Center, but it is hard to deny the veracity of the data and information. DPCC Fact Check pdf

We are advancing a US plutocracy while forsaking the great good of the larger population, if we rely on anti-ACA pundits and operatives to accomplish a mission so obviously anchored by the Koch brothers and libertarianism. 

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