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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Center for Responsive Politics: What About The Spending?

As we move towards the 2014 mid-terms The Center for Responsive Politics reports Democrats are outpacing Republicans contributions by $86 million dollars. Of particular interest is the major DNC approximate $13 million lag in contributions behind the RNC. 

You and I know the GOP contributors will step-up and make up the spread. While we hate to be party to the reality of "money buys elections", reality is reality and it is good to see contributions from progressives out pace the nation's regressives.

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Where does all that money come from? For the answers, view our money profiles for both major parties and for each of their main fundraising committees. Select a party committee, then use the tabs above to view its information.
Election cycle: 
Total RaisedTotal SpentCash on HandDebts
Democratic Party$276,570,328$198,303,508$51,625,209$24,211,200
Republican Party$190,283,836$169,823,558$45,493,935$1,837,333
Democratic National Cmte$56,299,252$56,657,183$4,601,314$16,009,870
Republican National Cmte$68,139,504$64,476,650$9,882,739$0
Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte$65,202,181$41,423,695$25,266,707$0
National Republican Congressional Cmte$52,404,530$35,697,047$18,242,094$0
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte$43,510,748$34,246,752$11,073,955$6,250,000
National Republican Senatorial Cmte$29,469,898$27,843,113$5,007,573$0
NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2014 election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data released on November 30, 2013.

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