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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Raw Story And Pope Francis: Outside Of The Box?

It seems Pope Francis has a core psyche and values systems that do not coincide with American conservatism. Moreover, his values appear outside the box of much of current Catholic doctrine and generally accepted norms. 

After reading The Raw Story Re-post below you might agree, Sarah Palin will again raise her inane brain with comment about the Pope. Of course, that will be hard to accomplish based on her recent apology for disparaging remarks about the Pope.

Earlier in the month The Raw Story published an article related to Pope Francis and his obvious "outside the norm" values as Pope.

The Raw Story...The Popes Liberal Agenda?
By Travis GettysWednesday, November 13, 2013 8:00 EST
Pope Francis has won many admirers for his open-minded comments on social issues, including homosexuality, abortion and contraception, and he’s criticized capitalism for promoting greed.  
But that has alienated some Catholics, particularly in the U.S., where most prominent religious leaders promote conservative social and political issues.
“It seems he’s focusing on bringing back the left that’s fallen away, but what about the conservatives?” said Bridget Kurt, a Georgia Catholic conservative. “Even when it was discouraging working in pro-life, you always felt like Mother Teresa was on your side and the popes were encouraging you. Now I feel kind of thrown under the bus.”  
Catholics have been debating online and in person the pontiff’s remarks on poverty and, particularly, a recent comment on the nature of good and evil that some have interpreted as condoning relativism.  
Steve Skojec, a Virginia Catholic and blogger, said he’s come to suspect Pope Francis is a “self-styled revolutionary” who wants to change the church fundamentally.  
“There have been bad popes in the history of the church,” Mr. Skojec said. “Popes that murdered, popes that had mistresses. I’m not saying Pope Francis is terrible, but there’s no divine protection that keeps him from being the type of guy who with subtlety undermines the teachings of the church to bring about a different vision.”  
A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that two-thirds of American Catholics share the pope’s concerns that the church had become “obsessed” with a few social issues.  
“I think he was completely right,” said Katie Stacy, who works at a Catholic-run pregnancy clinic in Georgia. “The focus should be not only on love and mercy, but on treating the women in these crisis situations with love and mercy.”
The Raw Story via RePost.
Pope Francis (AFP)

Pope Francis rips capitalism and trickle-down economics to shreds in new policy statement (via Raw Story )
In case there was any doubt left, Pope Francis made it clear that he shares little in common with U.S. conservatives. The pontiff released his Evangelii Gadium, or Joy of the Gospel, attacking capitalism as a form of tyranny and calling on church and…

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