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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tom Robinson To All Anti-Racists...

If you are not active in combating racism, you are in fact an enabler! If yo are active in the fight, You are our heroes. ~The Pardu

I need to share something with you Folks.

It is my response to a friend, a good friend who over the last couple of years continues to insist that racism is getting better, This friend has a good heart and does not mean any harm and is entitled to his opinion, but I believe that he and many like him are making the same mistake by encouraging others to lower their guard because they feel that the battle for equality is waning and not as justifiable as it has been in the past.

We've had this conversation before where you insist that racism is dying out... How would you know, are you Black, have you ever experienced it before? On one hand you say that it is worse than ever; more vicious and more strident than ever before; on the the other you say that it is dying out. With respect, I am afraid that you and many others are engaging in wishful thinking and to take it a step further; " cognitive dissonance."

Unfortunately so many people; White people still refuse to listen to what Black people are saying to them, they relegate our "actual, daily experiences" to someplace beneath their opinions, which is a continuation of the parochial arrogance that has always been displayed towards African Americans... It is disrespectful and it wrong."

As one Black American, among the majority of Black Americans who experience's racism on a daily basis, as it is systemic and incorporated into our culture, I implore you not to lay down your arms as the battle is just heating up and if you look at what is happening in our society, especially among our political " leaders," and the blatant and obvious racism, you know that we are right.

Every time you push that narrative, you give the apathetic permission to be even more complacent. Racism will never be eradicated, unless "all hands are on deck" and not resting in their comfort zones. >The new racism: The denial of racism in our culture can be seen as a new form of racism, spurred by the apathetic oblivion in which many people reside.


Tom ~

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