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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zimmerman: Self-destruction Is Oblivious To Many. (Will we Look Back And Say "We Should Have.....?")

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    We all have been given a "ring-side seat" to Karma. I don't know how many of my Caucasian brethren whom upon George's acquittal for what should have been charged as, First Degree Murder, took the philosophical position that justice was done based on the evidence the jury had to work with.

    They parsed the account of the events of that terrible night as finely as powdered tears to try and shift the blame from an adult with a gun who was stalking a teenager, to the frightened teenager himself. Coulda, woulda, shoulda! If he had run home faster... If he had stopped and identified himself to an unknown white man... ANYTHING but address the racism so evident to those of us who've experienced it in our daily lives.

    EVERYTHING has consequences. The "system" didn't just fail the Martin family. It failed society. What will the position be when Zimmerman turns his gun on a young white girl and pulls the trigger? He has a propensity for pointing guns at unarmed people weaker than himself. He's pointed his gun at his ex-wife and her father. He has attempted to choke and pointed his gun at his girlfriend, now pregnant with is child.

    When the inevitable happens as it surely will, what words of comfort will be given to the family of his new victim? I doubt philosophy and the pedantic recitation of legal theory will do much good. George will either commit simple suicide, or "suicide by Cop." The only question will be, how many he will take with him?

    The Raw Story

Zimmerman accused of sending image from homemade sex video to girlfriend’s daughter

Read the full story associated with this Raw Story video news segment. Must see video!

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