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Thursday, December 26, 2013

American Racism: ‘We do not need another black president’

I am even reading supposed friends who are taking exception to the slap on the wrist of the Duck Dynasty bigot and his remarks homophobic remarks.

Yes, "Freedom of Speech", say what you want no matter the impact on others, "Freedom of Speech"  Isn't it amazing how white people find so much sanctuary in our society!

If Robertson's remark were OK, then this racists remarks are just American peachy. 

Ohio teacher tells African-American student: ‘We do not need another black president’

Ohio teacher tells African-American student: ‘We do not need another black president’ (via Raw Story )
A teacher in Ohio was suspended this week for allegedly telling an ambitious young African-American student that the country does “not need another black president.” According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Gil Voigt was suspended without pay from…

Allow us to close this piece as follows......

“Niggers in the White House” is a poem that was published in newspapers in the United States between 1901 and 1903. The poem was written in reaction to a White House dinner hosted by President Theodore Roosevelt, who had invited Booker T. Washington, an dark as spades coon, as a guest. The poem reappeared in 1929 after First Lady Lou Hoover, wife of President Herbert Hoover, invited the sheboon of nigger congresscoon, Oscar DePriest, to a tea for congressmen’s wives at the White House.
Both visits triggered widespread condemnation by many throughout the United States, and particularly throughout the South. Elected representatives in Congress and state legislatures from southern states voiced objections to the presence of niggers as guests of the First Family. Things have really changed for the worse since then.


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victorian says:

Great article, thanks for posting.
I was born in the wrong era. The twenty first century is rather depressing….

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