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Friday, December 27, 2013

Are We Severely Underpaid? HUFF PO Says "Yes"

Just as CNN and other sources report a CNN/ORC poll showing Republicans have edged ahead of Democrats in the 12014 mid-terms, Huffington post published a piece that directly addresses the insanity of CNN's pool, or the insanity of the American electorate.

Yesterday, we published a piece on CNN's polling accuracy and reliability, yet the task of exposing the ridiculousness of "the GOP edging ahead", must be addressed again. For those who prefer not to visit the link, here are two post election evaluations of polling data. CNN didn't come close to accurate as we approached November 5, 2012.
Now, for the utter ridiculousness of CNN's poll accuracy. We certainly doubt its veracity. The GOP has shutdown the US government in lock-step subservience to uber wealthy plutocrats who abhor the ACA. The party has stood fast on refusal to raise the minimum wage. GOP confessionals voted against violence against women legislation. They refuse to consider even a meager increase in tax revenue from top 20% income earners. Major swaths of the GOP are vehemently anti-inclusive regarding sexual orientation and preference. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP-AKA Food stamps) have been cut by the GOP with continued cuts totaling $40 m million in ten years. The House Republicans refused to even consider extending unemployment payments while staunchly revisiting a jobs bill for the full five years of the Obama Administration. I believe Paul Ryan was quoted stating the GOP " 70% of what it wanted and the DEMS got 30%" via the supposed compromise budget bill. Does the budget bill include millions benefit in cuts to past veterans while maintaining no tax increase for the wealthy?  Does the bill also include an increase in the cost of our airline tickets?  If that is true the middle class suffers disproportionately as that tax is a form of flat tax and the wealthy can more readily afford to pay their airline ticket tax. Of course, the mega wealthy do not transport themselves via public airlines. I guess they do not pay that tax. The top 9% may use First Calls airline accommodations and can afford the fare increase.

Moreover, and much more critically, how is it possible the electorate would prefer a party that has proven it is completely non-fiscally conscience and a party who's leaders ran-up the US debt well beyond Obama's levels of spending. In fact, significant contributors to Obama spending included funding to bring the nation out of the Bush Great Recession.

The GOP is singularly responsible for income inequity and income disparity via policies adopted by the ill-fated Ronald Reagan's Supply-side/trickle-down economics. 

1979 - 2009 (Just prior to Ronald Reagan through the Bush Recession) 

Huffington Post has reported the disparity is far worse than is commonly discussed, and certainly well beyond the attention of the nation. The HUFF PO piece specifically relates to being underpaid in relation to the TOP 10 percent earners and the CEO. 

Four graphs from this linked  piece (a must read)

1. Minimum wage workers are severely underpaid:
What the federal minimum wage would be in 2014 if it kept up with productivity:
What it actually will be: $7.25.

minimum wage

2. Even workers who are making more than the minimum  
wage are still getting stiffed:
What the average worker wage would be in 2014 if it kept up with productivity:

What it actually will be (according to projections): $55,644.

worker pay

3. At the same time, CEOs are way overpaid:
What average CEO pay would be in 2014 if it kept up with productivity: $6.6      
What it actually will be in 2014 (according to projections): $16.2 million.
ceo pay

4. The result of all of this is that the ratio of CEO-to-average worker pay 
is way higher than it should be:

Average CEO pay would be 104 times average worker pay if it tracked with      
Average CEO pay will actually be 328 times average worker pay in 2014
(according to projections).


You may notice we haven't bothered to address increasingly obvious GOP and conservative disdain for any matters that denote a free and diverse society. The 92% white party adheres to strict nationalism.  We will leave that point for other screeds.

Yet, CNN indicates the GOP "today" is edging out a lead towards 2014. 

As reported in the piece of yesterday (linked above), CNN's strategy to garner viewers from Fox News leads to the conclusion that their survey data is skewered to appeal to their audience. We would seriously like to avoid thinking the America electorate is less than informed about the GOP. We will stick with "less than informed" to avoid thought those polled by CNN are either weighted towards conservatism, or they are flat-out stupid

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