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Thursday, December 26, 2013

CNN Poll, Congress 'Worst In Their Lifetimes' , Crooks And Liars

The 113th Congress wears a deserved 'collar': worst ever. But, sadly it is suffering for GOP (itis) to the maximum. When a party collaborates to obstruction administration, commits to suppressing votes, turns its back of the people at every turn, how can the opposing party accomplish the meaningful business of governance?

Some politicking fools have post the GOP is slightly ahead in posturing for the 2014 mid-terms. If the GOP bodes well in 2014, the nation deserves every plutocratic and inhumane slap offered from the GOP.

CNN Poll: Most Americans Say This Congress 'Worst In Their Lifetimes' (via
By Susie Madrak December 26, 2013 7:01 am Voters often say Congress does the least harm when it does nothing, but the last Congress showed us the things they don't do matter just as much. While I'm sure the bobbleheads will interpret this as Americans…

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