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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fox News And Megyn Kelly Lay It On The Media And Speaking To Phantom Kids

Illustration by Mark Stamaty
The day after Megyn Kelly revealed a deep rooted psyche that is hard to avoid labeling racist, I keyboarded this: Megyn Kelly Knows How To Tickle Her Audience. "Santa and Jesus are white!" 

A day later Kelly was temporarily missing for the set (her show set), as she and her employer strategized on a defense for her racist remarks. We took our post racist remarks scrutiny to this level: Megyn Kelly Absent After Racist Remarks.  

And, earlier today we went here: Megyn Kelly...."white Santa" (Continues). We also embedded a Jon Stewart segment that echoed our early remarks regarding Kelly's personal social revelation. 

Kelly via her 'red meat' employer have now come forth with an explanation.  An explanation right out of the recipe/playbook of Breitbart Dot Com with icing from the more creative propagandist at Fox News writers. We should also mention the culprits used the only defense one could take when their racist core have been revealed.  The only strategy is to plead innocent and attribute the brashly spoken racist remarks to the media.  In other words while not an exact model (as Palin has yet to go completely racial), Fox adopted the Palin victim model. At least Kelly and network managers couldn't adopt the Rick Santorum, "I don't think I actually said that..." strategy. 

We realize you have seen the video of the Kelly (and panel) as she literally grew upset with the entertaining and rational remarks from Aisha Harris's SLATE Dot Com screed.  Before we run the 3:12 minute Megyn Kelly segment (for the last time), we must ask a question.  Why is it unacceptable for a black person to break with tradition and suggest the mystical/spiritual/ and celebratory Santa Claus doesn't have to be a "white man?"  To suggest Ms. Harris acted outside the realm of acceptable is nothing shy of oppression. In fact, a very astute and facetious liberal guest on the Alex Witt Show (this afternoon) suggested that not only could Santa be other than 'white', the nation might one day have a black president. Without fanfare and follow-up from Alex Witt, her guest spoke poignantly and eloquently about the very reason some in the nation are so averse to Barack Obama as president. Basically, it is obvious many feel Barack Obama wears the wrong skin-color. 

Kelly and Fox News 3:12 minute message to its viewers and a strikeback at the African-American Aisha Harris.

As we have stated, Kelly's initial lies about her intent in addressing the Harris article was as shallow a tadpole pool.  It should also be noted Fox didn't even bother to book an African-American on the Kelly panel. How crass! Do you actually think Kelly's planned (and we think staged) protests were extemporaneous and without prior approval by her production team? If you think Fox as simply stumbling into the racist statements, think about the fact Kelly's guest panel didn't have cameras in tote bags waiting for Fox to call.

Since, Kelly's lied about speaking to kids in the audience was as ignorant as Sarah Palin's misquotes about Paul Revere, we will not revisit that issue.  Of course, there are probably some Fox News viewers who may force children to watching Megyn Kelly 10:00PM show.  We have learned to never
underestimate the scope and depths of Fox News and its viewers Obama Derangement Syndrome and the reality Fox also shares in conservative America's deep aversion to all things " non-white." 

As of this afternoon, Kelly's again says she did it for the kids. The Kids!  Did Fox advertise Kelly would address issues related to Santa (and his mystical race) throughout the day?  we remain perplexed as to why would kids age 4 - 9 watch Kelly's show? Or, maybe Kelly and her production team assume her viewers record each show and would share the Santa segment with their kids.

The Raw Story published a segment for today's Melissa Harris-Perry's MHP Show. Melissa HP open letter to Santa

Melissa Harris-Perry on Megyn Kelly Santa flap: No wonder we’re racially divided (via Raw Story )
On Saturday, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry addressed the question of Santa’s skin color by taking it up with the jolly old elf himself. In her weekly open letter segment, Harris-Perry wrote a letter to the North Pole. “This week,” she said, “…

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