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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jon Stewart's Classic Response To Fox and Megyn Kelly's 'white Santa'


Each and every year just before Thanksgiving Day, Fox News hooks-up its tried and proven propaganda about how the Left hates Christmas, attacks Christmas and would do away with Christmas. 

The only thing more ridiculous than the Fox News annual re-run, is its viewers soak it up each and every year like programmed zombies. We can imagine some viewers probably start to clamor for the annual propaganda campaigns early as Halloween.

Yes Fox viewers soak-up the annual "red meat" as surely as old Uncle Fred would sop-up that gravy at the end of his meal with that biscuit he expressly saved for sopping (moping it all up). As we grew older, we grew to realize that last piece of biscuit activity was both a habit and a ritual with any meal that included gravy or any form of sauce. You have to know Aunt Hersena learned early in her marriage to serve that sopable meal as it made Uncle Fred very very happy.

The analogy of Fox News and Megyn Kelly's foray into unbridled "white Santa" racism this past week fits Uncle Fred's ritual to the tee.  Since, we realize the "alleged" kids Kelly claims to have spoken to that evening were mere broadcast phantoms, our logic took us to the only reason for the racism.  The show producers and Kelly gave their viewers a plate full of racist gravy to fuel the their palates until the next broadcast. And, show producers feed their red meat sycophants with a 'whites only" panel. 

We published this piece yesterday. The Fox News front woman lays it on the media as she was only speaking to kids (at 10:00PM). 

This following segment from Comedy Central's Jon Stewart is classic as Kelly's racism eases into the annuals of a Fox News Legacy.

And Fox News claims her ratings are the highest of any evening show. It seems the Fox News War on Christmas has come to its logical end: unabashed and shameful racism.

Now, what does that say about America? 

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