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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meghan Kelly Knows How To Tickle Her Audience: "White Santa; White Jesus!" UPDATE: Harris Responds...

Seriously Kelly, do they declare such with the IRS?

On December 10, Aisha Harris published a piece for SLATE that included a few non-commonly accepted thoughts about Santa Claus.  First, let's for the record state a few things before we delve into what has to be the most racist of remarks I have heard from a Fox News host in many years. Meghan Kelly took great exception to Ms. Harris writings about Santa and issues shrouded in race.  The Fox News host is supposedly an intelligent Attorney; exemplifies exactly why racism cannot be relegated to the feeble of mind. We should also remember this is the same Meghan Kelly who sat with Bill O'Reilly and followed his script into calling Pepper Spray akin an application of vegetables and just burns your eyes.  (The actual effects of Pepper Spray) Kelly made the reference in relation to the University of California-Davis student protest pepper spraying. Our point is Meghan Kelly is of questionable character and could readily compete with Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh regarding statements that fall outside the realm of sanity. We wonder if Ms. Kelley would have subjected herself to pepper spraying (A vegetable shower); we know O'Reilly would never do such. 

Kelly and her "snow white" panel exhibited the perfect example of the Fabric of Oppression.  If for no other reason, the exclusion of a person of color from the panel is the epitome of bias inherent to oppression.  

Fabric of Oppression for those who prefer not to read and assimilate more from images (i.e., kinetic learners).
Obviously, the dome top rung relates to 'privilege classes' or perceptions of such in the Untied States (and a good part of the world).  We often refer to the top rung as that area in social interaction that has grabbed and fought to maintain "conferred privilege;" Privilege via birthright.

And something for our readers.... (our auditory learners)
Fabric Of Oppression
Another theory of socialisation that "describes the structural arrangement of privileges, resources and power," but it is based on the liberal view of how institutions can create inequities. The Fabric of Oppression itself creates some groups that are dominant by it and others that are oppressed by it, which has a slight Culture of Power ring to it, as once again there is a central group that profits and a marginalised group that does not. The similarity becomes even more apparent when the article explains that once again males have more access to power than what females do, which was another proponent of the Culture of Power argument. The theory contains definitions such as bigotry, discrimination, prejudice, social groups, social power, resources and privileges and oppression.  
The Fabric of Oppression relies heavily on Institutionalised oppression, which refers to "the web of organisations and systems that perpetuate unequal access." This can be both legal (overt), illegal (covert) or self perpetuating and systematic. Targeted members of groups may be subject to internalised oppression, this occurs when "an individual takes external misinformation, stereotypes and negative images about their group and turns them inward. A term used to explain how those in power secure the social submission of those who are not in power is called hegemony. 
The fabric of oppression is summed up with a diagram that looks like a cage, with those in power at the top, and those targeted at the bottom, no matter what, somehow you end up in the cage and are placed into a certain category, most people would end up either 50-50 or mostly in the targeted area, showing that once again, like the culture of power, those in power or in the 'in' groups are in retrospect a very small margin, whereas the targeted group is overcrowded.

Let's take Kelly's remarks in some semblance of order, if that is even possible when dealing with racism.

Conferred Privilege:  The author of the SLATE article exercised her right to express the heartfelt reality of bias.  Santa Clause is not a real person, correct?  We suggest the spirit is more akin to the tooth fairy.  If the spirit is part of the inner psyche of the beholder, why is it unacceptable for the spirit to take on an aura that is within the realm of the beholder. In other words, why is it unacceptable for Santa to be either colorless or within mental realm of the race of the beholder? Specifically, why can't Santa be a black person, Latino or Asian. We assume that Kelly would have no problem with Santa as a Jewish person.  Is the an answer, "because white people do not want Santa to be white?" Therein lies a problem if one takes the premise beyond Fox New's "92%" viewing audience.  (NOTE: Ms. Harris was careful in developing verbiage that placed Santa as a non-human vs. pushing a form of nationalism.) 

Kelly went on to validate the roots of race as part of her psyche and that of her employer.  She stated that "Jesus is white, right..." Well, to be frank and within the realm of reality if we consider the geography of the fabled Jesus's birth and life, it is impossible to have been "white." (more appropriately Caucasoid)


We realize European culture ha performed a 'faith grab' on Christianity, we have issues with forcing these images on all Christians

We can ignore million of years of evolution, but we cannot ignore the universal fallacy of Kelly's assertion that Jesus was 'white." Since, she did not clarify that she meant in the "minds-eye," we have to assume she meant it literally.

Also note Kelly spoke to "kids" with declaration of Santa is white. Did you wonder how many Santa aged kids really watch Kelly late night show? The message was as clear as the driven snow and it was aimed at the Fox News "92%" audience. 

Isn't it pathetic when alleged media takes on the role of 'social police' for the Right.  How different is Kelly's protest and declaration Of "white Santa; White Jesus" than those of the Ku Klux Klan or white supremacists?   What message does her demagoguery send to people regarding their children and raising those children with hopes of an equal playing field. When US demographic changes take "conferred-privilege" away from American whites will Santa have potential for being non-white?"  

And, maybe just maybe, one day those who have affinity in the faith of religion will give-up on images as those posted above.  Unless, they know something we do not know about errors in the Bible relative to geography. 

Kelly and Fox News should be ashamed of the messages they broadcast on a daily basis.  While I have read the education level of many of their on-air hosts falls well shy of that of the Bachelor's degree, and they may appear to and share an audience with Rush Limbaugh (that is obviously under-educated) there should be an expectation the network would not practice overt racism.

We posit Kelly's broadcast was utterly racist and was focused on racial divisiveness for her adult audience.

Wonder if Kelly thinks Santa "Knows when she is awake?"

UPDATE: from Aisha Harris via TPM.....

Slate Blogger Reality Checks Megyn Kelly: 'Santa Isn't Real' 

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