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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Millions To Lose Unemployment Payments; Yet Ryan Claims Victory: "Got 70%.":

It seems the GOP was not paying attention to this meme
If my memory serves me, the Republicans in the US House have extended unemployment payments for the Bush Era unemployed at least once since George Bush left office. In December 2010, The GOP agreed to extended payments to the very people their policies forced out of work, in exchange for not raising taxes on the nations Top% income earners.

Last week GOP members of the US House adjourned after snubbing their noses at the long-term unemployed. The much celebrated "deal" orchestrated by Patty Murray and Paul Ryan was settled with the less financial fortunate on the outside (looking in).  And, to rub salt in the open wounds of those living on the economic edge, their payments will stop three days after Christmas 2013.

What kind of Christmas can the affected families plan for their kids and family? Those families languish in their plight while the highly paid and in most cases wealthy members of the House flew home for another five plus week break. What a sham and what a shame for the GOP to turn their back on the very people they put out of work.  

The following gallery of GOP leadership sat thought the Bush years like obedient sheeple without one word of criticism as Bush and his policies shoved 1.76 million people out of jobs.



And, not one of the gallery give one dime
(excuse the pun) About the plight of people who will have no income et al, three days after Christmas. If I am not mistaken, to the personm the gallery is loaded with various degrees of millionaire.

Before we show a few charts and graphs to remind of the damage done to the nation via the gallery above, we want to offer a poignant video with a plea against casting people off unemployment payments.

As promised a look at how the gallery and Bush/Cheney dealt a poker hand to people who will fold (their hands) three days after Christmas

The Economist View
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 
Scott Winship says  that he was skeptical about extending unemployment insurance, but after seeing this chart he was "shocked ... and much more sympathetic to extension of unemployment insurance than I was yesterday":

Posted by   on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 2011 The Pensito Review "Borrow and Spend Policies of Bush, GOP Caused Employment’s Downward Slide"

Since Bush left office in January 2009, two factors have been scrubbing away in tandem at the record of failure that was the Bush presidency, glossing it over and spiffing it up. 
The first factor is that most Americans are too busy with real life to follow current events. Perhaps they recall that Bush came off as incompetent and buffoonish when he was in office, but what is more present in their minds is how the current downturn is affecting them and their family and friends now. The whys and wherefores of how the disaster started are fuzzy, half-forgotten. 
On the other hand, Republicans and their propaganda ministry at Fox and on the radio have been busy from the moment Bush left office, taking advantage of Americans’ focus elsewhere to rewrite history . The propagandists have convinced their viewers and listeners, the GOP’s tea bagger base, that Obama caused the Bush Recession. Day by day, minute by minute, their revision of history is spreading virally into the electorate. 
Of course, propaganda tends to collapse when confronted with facts. The chart above shows who is to blame for the economic crisis in a way that cannot be rewritten by the Right Wing Noise Machine.


Job Losses and Gains under Bush and Obama

  The economy was collapsing at its fastest rate since the Great Depression when Obama took office. In his second month he got Congress to pass a jobs stimulus bill worth about $900 billion. This helped stop the collapse and heightened the first spike in job growth. But the Republicans blocked more stimulus and by August 2010, falling stimulus spending began reducing job growth.
Now, lets take a (2012) ZFacts look at the the GOP and is Congressional grip on the US House of Representatives. Since, Bush and Cheney were White House party leaders, we see validation of GOP economic policy. We also see clear validation of empirical data that indicates the Democrats perform superior to the GOP in all matters related to the US economy. You might also find room in your cognitive processes for a snapshot of how "trickle-down" with Bush/Cheney interrupted substantial economic growth (And contributed to a Great Recession).

Jobs: Clinton: +20, Bush: –2, Obama +3

The Republicans often comment about why Obama did not perform more economic miracles when the Democrats held a majority in Congress.  We look at the nation's economic woes much differently.

Our review starts with the worse economy since the Great Depression and moves forward with consistent jobs growth within month so of president Obama taking office in January 2009. The chart below reflects our point that GOP obstruction has kept Job growth at a level that facilitates GOP mantra and propagandizing about poor jobs growth.  Notice the second red arrow in the chart below.  Growth seems to have come to a plateau.

Turning Around the Worst Recession Since 1938

  • Bush left office with the economy losing 10 Million jobs per year. (That was the rate of loss in January (see graph).)
  • Obama's Job Stimulus stopped the losses in record time.
  • As of 10/7/2012, 5.2 Million private-sector jobs had been added.
Yet, they walked away excited about what they got from the deal.  Paul Ryan was reported to have commented the GOP Got 70% of what they wanted and the Dems got 30 per cent. How very callous!

We continue to posit, GOP members of Congress are not serving in the nation's capital to serve the people. They are solely there to serve the nation's Top 20%, corporate America and uber wealthy plutocrats.

A recent Public Policy Polling survey shows a majority of Americas are in favor of extending unemployment benefits. The poll also shows the GOP may take a 2014 mid-term "hit," if the House continues to ignore the needs of people.
And, you continue to vote for the GOP!

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