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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pictures Add Perspective; Video Adds Color (Excuse The Pun)

Pictures sometimes carry a thousand words......

The following image is a 1960s relic of American segregation. Funny, I have seen similar in 2009 forward since the 44th President of the United States was inaugurated. It is very odd and at the same time very telling we did not see as much overt racism before January 20, 2009.

Some take satisfaction in refuting what their eyes see and their ears hear with comments about how "things are so much better."  Maybe better than lynchings and better than forced human bondage; and that is where the "better" stops.  There are elements in society that forces to the forefront of our psyches such images and images (from us who experienced it) of "Whites Only" water fountains and "Colored" bus terminals. Or, even on a very personal note,being told by the Air Force squadron Lieutenant, "Black airmen cannot attend the squadron Christmas party. We are in Biloxi Mississippi and the (downtown) establishment owner wants no blacks." The officer spoke in times well past the 1940s, 1950s and past most of the 1960s. To this day, I do not for one second  believe the racist edict did not come from someone  in our  Chain of Command vs. the downtown establishment owner. 

No, lady with the confederate flags, the racist laden white privilege placard and what appears as squeamish kids, some of us do not wish we were born white!

Of more relevance and immediacy, think about the recent validation of "white privilege" and broadcast white supremacy from Fox News's Megyn Kelly and her production team's "White Santa and White Jesus." How is the proclamation for Fox News any different than the racist above?

Fox and Kelly took a day to gather a response to Kelly's racist proclamation; it was truly a day wasted. The defense was an vaulting Fox News lie laid directly into to the false realm of "humor" or "joking." In addition to Kelly's "joking" media was simply attacking Fox News: "the powerful Fox News." Have you ever heard anything so self-aggrandizing after making what was clearly the most racist comment from any news host in a decade? 

Maybe, just maybe Fox News management realized the fallacy of the strategy. Underestimating the intellect of Fox News viewers and applying the same mindless rhetoric to those viewers is a losing proposition any day of the week. The following scripted segment replete with an all white panel was not in jest. I continue to see no smiles, no laughter and no admission of exercising humor. I do see serious angst from the show host.  And, I saw a direct comment to the camera for " who are watching." This is not humor...... white Santa, white Jesus

Could network management have decided to unleash their most popular propagandist to develop a protective moat around the network racism? You may notice a concerted effort by O'Reilly to show facial expression quite the opposite of Kelly's angst. O'Reilly producers also borrowed a clip from SNL to introduce O'Reilly's attempt to lay the matter to Fox News "rest." Ever-present is the claim of attacks against Fox News from "MAIN STREAM MEDIA."

Ah, so O'Reilly provides a backstop for the stumbling Kelly.  If O'Reilly was influential beyond the Fox News audience the segment may have a modicum of credibility with a degree of relevance. It is impossible for the non-loyalist to accept O'Reilly rationalizing Kelly's racism due to his own forays into what can only be called bigotry with a heavy shade of racism. You may be aware of the following Fox News segment.  If you are not aware of O'Reilly stereotypical labeling a Columbia University Professor as "appearing as a cocaine dealer," give it a look.

Of the people who watch news, ratings indicate the Fox News Network is the market leader. They especially lead in the evening when their 'big-hitters' take to the camera with full blown anti-Obama and anti-Administration rhetoric and propaganda.  Yet, the network doesn't stop there.

What is the point in an alleged news network attacking a young blogger who simply intimated, there is little need to continue to exclude other than white Santa's from the mystical and fairy-tailed Santa Claus? Why was it so important to slap he face of and place the young blogger's actual "tongue-n-cheek" comments to the level of broadcasting to fictional kids?

The ultimate question. Why was it so critical to exercise the very same psychology as the woman holding the racially insulting sign (above)?

The final question.  Why would Fox close to show the classic example of "white privilege?"


Aisha Harris via SLATE

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