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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Republicans Now Have Edge In Midterm Elections

CNN reported Republicans are edging out ahead of Democrats as we move towards the 2014 midterms.  Before you read the re-posted article below, we should recognize a few points.

Point One:  CNN With the hire of Zucker embarked on a business model to abscond ratings from Fox News (The cable industry leader). If you need evidence of the strategy, consider the on-air (on camera) guest on CNN. The number of conservative pundits and surrogates greatly outnumber progressive guest CNN should be embarrassed. Embarrassed for its abrupt lean Right and complete abandonment of its for "neutral" claims.  I believe the network facilitated a full hour with Glenn Beck on camera spewing his brand of zaniness to his sycophants and gullible CNN viewers.

Watch CNN Brooke Baldwin cut-off a Colorado state legislator who attempted to speak about "outside campaign money" a contributing factor  in the GOP win.  Obviously, Baldwin was scripted to attack if outside spending was mentioned.  Video located on the Blase web page. Of course, the accompanying article glorified CNN's attack on the facts regarding the election. One other critical factor, voter suppression may have been mentioned in the 2 minute segment, but the crux of the comments focused on campaign spending from outside the state. The Blaze labeling Baldwin's attack as an attack on "voter suppression."  Isn't the Blaze owned by Glenn Beck?

The 'cut-off" was relevant in one sense. In order for the host to enact such an immediate attack, she must have been primed to do so.  Why invite the representative on on-camera if the network and host were not prepared to allow the legislator to speak her mind?  Did they desire a particular story slant?  Had network executives made-up their minds on reason for their loss and simply needed a democrat for an on-air punching bag? Suppression and out of state money may not have been the deciding factor in the election, but for CNN to summarily cut-off and disrespect a local politician once she stepped outside of script was very Fox News like in delivery. 

Another critical factor as one considers CNN conservative viewing feeding, recent survey results of GOP edging-out democrats in 2014 (to date).  CNN polling leaves much to be desired. We posit their polling probably contributed greatly to Mitt Romney not developing a concession speech after being 'walloped" in the 2012 general election. Someplace between Karl Rove's political miscalculations and polling indicated in the following links, Romney had not concession speech.  Of value when one considers CNN polling: Consider corporate strategy to entertain its desired viewership.
Did you notice anything about CNN polls accuracy? If you noticed what I notice, you should question CNN Poll relevance and recognize the network would probably not report on Dems leading in 2014.  Fox News sycophants would not care for such reporting.

Now, for the RepostUS/The Moderate Voicepiece. Before, viewing you should probably have your salt shaker handed. You will need "a grain of salt." Remember, media has to give the Right what its want to hear, and see, or it will not tune-in. They live in a false reality and their reporting must fit that paradigm. Of course, we on the Left are the same in that regard; the one reason I gave up tuning in to CNN.

CNN Poll: Republicans now have edge in midterm elections (via The Moderate Voice)
It now appears as if the Democratic Party has siezed defeat from the jaws of likely victory in the 2014 mid term election. A new CNN poll finds Republicans now have the edge: Democrats have lost their advantage and Republicans now have a slight edge…

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