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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Right-wing Writer For Washington Examiner Spreads Convenient ACA Lie: California Doctors "NOT" Boycotting thr ACA

70% of California doctors are boycotting the ACA.

On Friday the 13th 2013, I became aware of another Right-wing strategy to do harm to the developing and increasingly popular Affordable Care Act.

We will call it the "Great California Physician Protest against the ACA." The problem is, there is no such boycott. The story is a right-wing fabrication.

As is often the case the usual suspects are integral to the newest lie. Tucker Carlson, Ben Carson (discredited Hopkins School of Medicine employee), the Washington Examiner and Fox News. Our Google search yielded articles for, of course, Breitbart News Dot Com, The News York Post, and other reliable Obama Derangement spreaders of the derangement gospel. And, the articles have surely proliferated.   If you recall Right-wing media and propagandist often grab fabricated stories and run with the stories like programmed village callers.

The genesis of the 70% California doctors who are opting out of the ACA lie is Richard Pollock, a reporter at the conservative Washington Examiner. 

A California Medical Association (CMA) spokesperson addressed the Pollack report.
"That article was wrong," says Molly Weedn, spokeswoman for the CMA. "We have no idea how many doctors are participating. We don't collect that data."
Before we link to a Daily Kos piece, we want ot make certain the message from the sentence above is driven home. If the CMA does not track such data how could the conservative Pollack secure the data.  He secures the data in the same manner many on the Right secure data: they make up the data or the information. 

Joan Carter of the Daily Kos...linked. You may prefer the actual article written for the Los Angeles Times by Michael Hiltzik.

Since, we have found credible information to refute the Right-wing lie, let's end this piece with a segment from Al Sharpton's Politics Nation. We sought to shorten the segment, but decided relevant information was sprinkled through the the minute run time.

Does Tucker Carlson have any credibility?  

How about the Washington Examiner? 

We know Breitbart Dot Com is a modern-day fantasy and comic news creator, so we expect complete fabrications 

Well, we await the next ObamaCare lie. 

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