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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Center for Responsive Politics And More On "Dark Money"

 The Center for Responsive Politics has published a veritable "All you need to know: for coming up to speed on a developing issue. An issue that has been with us form nay years but was driven tot he level of a tsunami via the SCOTUS Citizens United Decision of 2010.

Here is the link (It may one day come-in handy).  We will wet your palate a bit by showing breakdown categories from the link. Also note, the link has sidebar links that are even more valuable to you, if you are a high information voter (person).

Outside Spending: Frequently Asked Questions About 501(c)(4) Groups

The number of politically active nonprofits has surged following the 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v FEC, as has their spending. Most of that growth comes from 501(c)(4) or "social welfare" organizations. Read the guide below to learn more about these groups. 
What is a 501(c)(4)? 
What is social welfare? 
What are the benefits and responsibilities of having 501(c) status? 
What are the downsides of having 501(c) status? 
What is the significance of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision for nonprofits?
Do we know how 501(c)(4) groups spend their money?
What is the IRS' role in enforcing campaign finance law?
How could the (c)(4) loophole be closed? 
What is a super PAC? 
What is an independent expenditure? 
What is an electioneering communication? 

"Dark Money" charts are hard to follow, yes they are. If you think about it, that is very much by design. Conservatives know most people will not read a chart and many will certainly not try to assimilate "Dark Money" chart into their brains. Since, Open Secrets publish the "Dark Money" chart above, allow me to post one that shows the extent to which the Kochs have spider webbed "Dark Money."

And, yes we will admit that progressives have their "Dark Money" charts.  But, their are a few major differences in focus of opposite ends of the spectrum. Progressives are not working to suppress black and Latino votes.  Progressives are not working to throw millions back into the sharp toothed grips of Big Insurance. Progressives are not perpetuation a "War on Women." Moreover, progressive "Dark Money" is not being used to shutdown the federal government...which led to a $24 billion dollar hit to GDP. 

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