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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Two Examples Of Why The GOP Is Dying!

...and as good progressives, we have been very diverse in our depictions. Below you will find two of the very worse from this week.

Sarah Palin

The "Wicked from Alaska" has adorned a bit of make-up and brighten the room around her to relish in the demise of a competent and truthful journalist.  How tragic is she?

And, I am seriously failing to understand the logic behind her 'victim" syndrome in the case of Bashir.

We offer yet another example of why Republicanism is a dying breed. MSNBC actually booked a person who works for the RNC, and works for the republicans as an African-American. I wonder what percentage of African-Americans in the GOP does he represent. One of 6% of all African-Americans? Interesting to say the least.

Imaging working with people in a political environment where bias, bigotry and racism lives behind the nearest door, or the closest wired phone receiver. Think of actually sitting in strategy meetings on depriving black people, Latinos, college aged kids and the elderly the right to vote. Of course, we assume the guy below is an invited member to those meetings.

Could you exist where millions share email-chains full of lies and in some cases as disgusting as an email those we have seen over the past five years?  Could you actually work in a party that has taken a hand-off of all comments against overt racism in the GOP.  I did not recall Mr.Watson speaking out against Rick Santorum  and his "BLAH PEOPLE."  Nor, do I recall Mr. Watson publicly commenting on the racist who stood and waver a Confederate Flag in front of the White House. An act never before perpetrated in US History. Wonder if Mr. Watson can make the connection to why the racist waved the flag?  I believe I missed Mr. Watson's comments after learning of Ted Cruz's affinity and wish for life as it was for Jesse Helms.

How much would you wager Mr. Watson was very quiet as Mitt Romney and his team of bigots rolled this out for the public. No African-American outreach.

Orlando Watson RNC

My Dear Watson, 

There really is a serious problem!


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