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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"You Should Watch Fox..." Validation Of What We All Knew!"

Get your news from blonds only!
"Watch Fox!"  Darrell Issa.
And, the PhD professor gets the wrap of looking like a drug dealer, while the college dropout pulls 'white privilege" to the max.
Sarah Palin...

Palin "God invented Fox News To Save America."

We have since for years after Fox News was launched (in 1996), the network has become a literal propaganda and communication media for GOP. The network is possibly a leading "Pied Piper" for people who journeyed tot he polls to cast the most flawed votes cast in US History.  A vote for McCain/Palin could have lead to continued submersion in a recession and ended in an economic depression. Evidence of such? Quite simply the GOP would never have requested and fought for a Stimulus. The Stimulus immediately applied remedial fixes to the ailing economy. For the record, Fox News was without exception via nay on-air host against the Obama Stimulus!
We labored there to show just a few indicators of how the US economy post stimulus immediately embarked on a turn-around. Again, our point is the GOP wouldn't pursued a stimulus and may very well have pursued their usual strategy of cutting taxes (with hope of trickle-down).

Last reminder, Sarah Palin's Fox News was very much against the Stimulus. We leave that for a moment to move tor actual point.

If we jump forward a few years, let's take a look at how the psycho babble at Fox News has metastasized into pure bologna. After we show a very short video example (that includes Fox's number one propagandist), we will make a point about how Fox and other conservative media guide GOP policy. Once, the "media leaders" guide the conservative mind, policy and practice ensues.  

Watch the following Fox segment with Bill O'Reilly and the recently discredited former CNN Howard Kurtz. I can distinctly remember Kurtz taking exception to both political "slant opining" from MSNBC (left) and Fox (Right) in the past. In fact, as you watch the segment, doesn't Kurtz, who now works for Fox, look a bit cheesy about what his role as subject to O'Reilly insane rhetoric. 

The audacity!  The temerity! The gall! 

The strategy (to rid of a source of contention against Fox)! The Fox News mindset of "get rid of the only news source that speaks to and for the Left."

Before we move to our discomfiture from Darrell ISSA (R-CA), we really should visit a court case that left many of us with the impression Fox News won a case that involved 'story slanting.' Linked The Daily Kos(Fox-News-admits-they-lie-and-distort-the-news).

Now, you may not believe what you are about to read! Darrell Issa has finally shown his mantel.  He is as shallow as the business model at Fox News and he provides validation GOP politicians feed their agenda via Right-wing media.

Darrell Issa urges health official to ‘watch more Fox’ to learn about Obamacare (via Raw Story )
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) told a federal health care official on Monday that he needed to “watch more Fox” to learn the real truth about President Barack Obama’s health care reform law. At a so-called “field hearing” in Richardson, Texas, the…


Would ever imagine the "witch-hunting" Darell Issa would take marching orders from a network that provides a platform for the insanity of congressional such as: Michelle Bachmann, Louis Gohmert, Herman Cain, Alan West, and for that matter Paul Ryan?

Did Issa provide validity to out longstanding point that it seems GOP members of Congress and presidential candidates follow the paths laid by right-wing media?

Evidence of Fox News and its influence on America, or at least that perception by some. linked; skip to at the 3:35 minute mark.

"....Especially people employed by the very powerful Fox News Channel!"  Maybe, Kelly was referencing Fox News GOP leadership when she is uses the word "powerful."  She could not have meant "powerful" regarding viewers if she was speaking in the context of admitting wrong (jest) regarding "White Santa and White Jesus."  

Now, back to the charts above. Fox News was adamant and united against the Stimulus. Maybe, the person to whom Issa referred to "Fox" is much better off not going there.

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