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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ari Melber, MSNBC: Paul Ryan's "Inner Cities"

I am having major withdrawal moving away from Paul Ryans ill-advised yet revealing comments to Bill Bennett on Morning America. Since, the withdrawal is not defeated, I will satiate my addiction with a bit more scrutiny of Ryan's inner psyche  and the inner core of his GOP.

As you listen and watch Ari Melber, MSNBC, it is important to keep in mind, Ryan is the GOP's House of Representatives budget Guru.  He fills a key positions via a party that was handed the 2010 mid-term elections. Ryan is not an economics, he doesn't pretend to be an economist.  In fact, possessing a degree or advanced training in economists isn't a job description requirement for the position he fills. However, the competent professional would accomplish much more  research fact-finding if they held such a key position. While there is also no written requirements for the incumbent to practice fair and unbiased budget administration, we have grown to expect such in key federal congressional positions. Well, the GOP (again) operates and administers quite differently than most Americans. The party would stuff a young derriere vacuum (butt-sucker) into the position based on knowledge he would do the bidding of party leaders and non-elected mega wealthy money-brokers. 

Ari Melber dissected and eviscerated Ryan's "inner cities" code as pure schmooze for Bennett's radio audience. I remain very disappointed with media (Left leaning especially) avoiding going after Ryan's evoking Charles Murray's racist existentially as a buddy of Bill Bennett. Mr. Gardner attended the town-hall meeting and courageously and appropriately address the GOP tool (Ryan). Mr. Gardner provided Ryan an opportunity to weasel-out of his dipping a toe into GOP racism via providing various ethic groups as denizens of the inner city. Well, the fact is Ryan used inner cities as code; people who want to back him out of his use of code should call him where it is most relevant and with all angles explored. Media is not getting that done.

This is a man who could have been vice president of the United States. He had a running mate who as of this week has self-proclaimed he would have provided an aura that would have led to Putin not taking Crimea. These people should be called-out for politicking  and their lies while being held accountable for all to see.

Ari Melber and the MSNBC team broadcast a fact based exposition on the fallacy and phoniness of Paul Ryan.  It looks as if we will have to keep the procedure on regrading his affinity for Ayn Rand and Charles Murray.

Need say no more!

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