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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kevin Trudeau: Sentenced to 10 Years. Did You Fall For His Shtick?

Here we have a person who from the first sighting always appear as a crook. In fact, he reminds me of the many mega-church (supported with cameras) preachers who have television shows on your cable TV channels.

I suggest one common thread among these people is money-grabbing charlatanism. People who have found and craved out a niche that garners millions for their opulent lifestyles.

Kevin Trudeau carved his niche without the easy trappings of those who seek religion without thorough consideration of their messengers. He didn't use his charisma to tap into the psyche of people who upon hearing the word "Jesus," "God," or "religion," literally melt in the knees and fall into non-thinking subservience and worship.  He captured people for his multi-million dollar empire from the strength of his "charm" and off the gullibility of people willing to follow any smooth talker who successfully carves out a niche. 

The Trudeau Castle


On March 17th Huntington post reported The King of non-religious charlatan-ship, was sentenced to 10 years in prison.  

Huffington Post

CHICAGO (AP) - Best-selling author Kevin Trudeau, whose name became synonymous with late-night TV pitches, was sentenced to 10 years in prison Monday for bilking consumers through ubiquitous infomercials for his book, "The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don't Want You to Know About." 

As he imposed the sentence prosecutors had requested, U.S. District Judge Ronald Guzman portrayed the 50-year-old Trudeau as a habitual fraudster going back to his early adulthood. So brazen was Trudeau, the judge said, he once even used his own mother's Social Security number in a scheme. 

"Since his 20s, he has steadfastly attempted to cheat others for his own gain," Guzman said, adding that Trudeau is "deceitful to the very core." 

Trudeau, whose trademark dyed black hair turned partially gray as he awaited sentencing in jail, showed little emotion as the stiff sentence was handed down at the hearing in Chicago. 

Addressing the judge earlier in a 10-minute statement, Trudeau apologized and said he's become a changed man. He said he's meditated, prayed and read self-help books while locked up at Chicago's Metropolitan Correctional Center. 

"I have truly had a significant reawakening," said Trudeau, who was dressed in orange jail clothes. "If I ever do an infomercial again ... I promise: No embellishments, no puffery, no lies."
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