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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Racism Alert: ‘The KKK Wants You’

Just keeping an eye on things.  


We find it amazing threse gorups can slither around like nocturnal-slug snails and seem to escpae deep scrutiny by the Feds.  Occupy was both infiltrated and treated with "Shock and Awe" after a few mere months of protests. 

See The Raw Story aftet the break below


‘The KKK Wants You’: Loyal White Knights’ recruitment drive disturbs Texas town (via Raw Story )
Residents in Rhome, Texas are perturbed by the recent blanketing of their properties with fliers declaring that “The KKK Wants You.” “I was repulsed,” Sally Fowler told WFAA on Wednesday. “It’s offensive; it’s shocking. You don’t want…

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