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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ryan's Town Hall Drew More Than High-End Baby Boomers.

Awesome Capture: Capture & Annotate
Apparently, Paul Ryan has run into a couple of disgruntled constituents at (recess) town hall meetings. A few days back we posted a confrontation with a constituent who was not happy with Ryan's use of "inner cities" as code to denigrate regions with higher populations of African-Americans.   

Here is yet another video from the same town hall meeting question. The meeting attendee was concerned about GOP opposition to ObamaCare (audio is not good quality).

Yet another concerned citizen with GOP policy on Immigration.

I will admit to a bit of glee people are speaking-out against GOP (ism). Our world is running over with data showing the completely ineptitude of governance federal governance. We are also seeing insensitive and horrid state administration with regard to Medicaid Expansion and public service employment. Constituents and voters have a responsibility to self-educate, assimilate information and act-out their positions.

My glee is accompanied along with an orchestra conducted performance from.....the world smallest violin.

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