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Monday, March 24, 2014

SNAP (Food Stamp) More Prevalent In Red States! OH, And You Are Not "Lazy!"

47.5 million Food Stamp recipients

If you are a regular reader of the TPI, you may have seen the following images before.  It is, however, important to let some less regular readers know the GOP continues to scalpel away at programs that provide benefit for its "Red State" (geographic) base.
The graphics clearly show where Food Stamp use in most prevalent. The second graphic is interactive and allows for close scrutiny of a state-by-state basis.  Checkout your state. 

We assume you are not a food stamp (or SNAP) recipients. If by chance our assumption is incorrect, and you live in a state with high levels of usage, think about the how the GOP serves its constituents.

ChartsBin (Feel free to use this informantion in any form)

Food Stamp Use, by State


The Atlantic

The GOP implies you are lazy if you are receiving any form of government aid.

Yet, you , your neighbor, and probably your family head to the voting booths with each election and pull a level or push a button base on a social paradigm. A social paradigm the GOP manipulates oh so well.

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