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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Those Are Projection Numbers! "Man that is dense as fruitcake."

The following exchange occurred between me and this African American Conservative Stanley (last name omitted by The Pardu to avoid over exposure) on my friend Madge D. Owens Wall in regards to the following chart. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up! 
Stanley XXXX- Man your "facts" even have problems. You show a chart of projections, not actual numbers. Man that is dense as fruitcake. 
Eric Smith- So these numbers are "projections", huh Stanley? You are saying that these numbers are projected to occur in the future (that's what a projection is Stanley) even though these men were presidents in the past and you accuse me of being dense? Damn! ROFFLMAO!!!!!!!!


The Pardu

Do you see the problem with shallowness? What we have here is a person so immersed in conservative ideology and so consume with differentiating himself from others who see through GOP B/S, he makes a super stupid flub. Of course, we have to consider that person was moving fast and paid little attention to that to which he commented.  OK, if it makes you feel better for me to go there I will do so, but I will do so only with you agreement of considering the following.

Why not accept my premise that these people live in a shallow world where deep thinking and information supported knowledge simply does not exist.  They thrive off the quick hit, surface half-assimilation of information often handed to them by "playbook"/"lockstep" marching orders from GOP operatives.   

Even if the person (Stanley above) only had a second of two to assimilate the images above, he surely should have recognized the faces of past US presidents!  If Stanley was over consumed with Obama Derangement, he should have noticed the object of his scorn (President Obama) was not depicted. 

Now, what you have here is typical GOP ignominious. These people are the very reason Fox News has such high viewership and Rush Limbaugh continues to fulfill the performance requirements of his multi-million dollar contract. The person is the epitome of why we have media now speaking about the GOP taking over the US Senate.  They are people who allow others to fill their brains with mantra, B/S and propaganda.  And, then they traipse to the voting booths and vote for people like McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan. Or, and much more obviously they troll around social media seeking opportunity to throw "poop" on all things Obama. 


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