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Monday, March 24, 2014

The ObamaCare "Death Spilral?"

You are about to view a quick video of Right-wing hope  laden reporting of of the ACA failure. Before, you either get your "hopes up" or "grow anger" based on the last sentence, I remind the sentence includes words such s "right-wing hopes and reporting." That simply means, you have right-wing media (Fox News) and highly compensated right-wing pundits railing about the demise of ObamaCare, and you can read "HOPE" into their aura and their words.

The following is a prime example; you will see more with the MSNBC segment embed below.

A CBS Executive we expect 
to see on Fox News real soon. 
She left CBS and has commented 
about CBS's lack of interest in 
pursuing Benghazi, the alleged 
IRS Scandal and other Obama 

Ms. Attkinson calls CBS a bunch of cowards. Now, that depicts a serious disregard of the commonly accepted "Do not bash a former employer" at the very highest level. Obama Derangement Syndrome is, for some chronic. 

We are going to cut to the chase with this piece. As we move closer to the Affordable Care Act 2014 deadline, the political Right, especially right-wing media is boiling over with "poo-poo" comments and rhetoric about how the ACA is failing. 

It appears Right-wing media has been given new "lockstep" mantra for salting the minds of those who either wish the ACA to go away, or for those who are still on the fence regarding its worthiness. The new mantra is: "death spiral."  
So, the ACA is on a death spiral. We have embed an MSNBC ALL IN piece (below) with a well-developed intro of right-wing talking heads using the new mantra like air spewing air gushing from a balloon pricked with a safety pin. 

First, let's do what high-information people do; we look at information or data for a true representation of facts. Facts tend to relegate rhetoric and mantra to the level of inane noise. 

Charles Gaba (as he refers to himself) has published and maintains a detailed tracking of the ACA since its October 2013 "flawed" rollout. Gaba's work is detailed and in spots exhaustive, but for sake or information and facts, his work is exemplary and very appreciated.

  • QHP (Qualified health Plans)
  • Sub26ers (Enrollments under age 26 on family plans)
  • Medicaid/Chip (Meciaid Expansion and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
  • Exchanges (state-based system of health insurance exchanges) 
Private QHPs (4.92M - 6.30M
Medicaid/CHIP (4.47M - 6.17M
Sub26ers (2.50M - 3.10M)

Grand Total as of March 22, 2014: (11.9 M - 15.6 M)

Enrollment Period Elapsed: 94.5% 
Est. % of CBO QHP Projection: 78.1% (or 91.1%)

Current 3/31 Exch. QHP Projection (raw numbers): March: 1.96M / Total: 6.20M

Current Exch. QHPs as of 3/22: March: 1.24M / Total: 5.46M

Exchange-based QHPs should hit 5.5 Million sometime Sunday, March 23

The Graph as of 3/19/2014

I do not see a "sprial."  I see major increases in enrollment as time passes. While unwritten in Gaba's work, I also see the fact that Republican State govenrors are denying medicaid expansion thus depriving millions of people (constituents)  medical coverage. I also see the denial of ACA Exchanges in many GOP States, again hampering or denying enrollment and coverage to millions.

A closer look at the "spiral. I labored to find an opportunity to edit the following video after the first few minutes: I was not successful. The host and guest discussion after the detail laden intro is typical point-counter-point dialog that we see each and every day.  

March 18, 2014, Chris Hayes, ALL IN, and the "anti-death spiral" hope from the Right.

While the Right seethes and falsely predicts, the ACA moves towards serving the needs of people and towards the betterment of a nation. Remember, conservatives also fought FDR and Social Security and Medicare. We must also never forget the pundits in the video are all highly compensated, and you can rest assured have medical coverage.

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Charles Gaba's blog:

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