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Thursday, April 3, 2014

CBS Reporter Attacked By Obama Derangement Victim!

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Would you like to see a boiling over example of Obama Derangement Syndrome? A CBS reporter covering President Obama's fund-raiser trip to Chicago was literally attacked by a man who felt compelled to use his "First Amendment Rights." The attacker decided to use his right of free speech outside of any semblance of sanity while invading a live television segment. Do you think he appropriately exercised free speech? 

Your answer may very well depend on your social and political paradigm. The invader yelled "Obama is a War Criminal." No think for a moment,  how do you feel about his invasion of the live TV broadcast?  It is important to point out, those who wish to twist their minds toward finding any degree of sanity in the invader's act, he did not stand-off and yell his protest. He literally and physically attacked the reporter.

The attacker appeared to be a person who has lived to his late twenties or early thirties.  I think it tragic he has lived a few decades and can still not recognize a true war criminal. World history offers classic and exact examples of war criminals adjudicated such via war tribunals (and executed or imprisoned) or the criminals was summarily executed. I will spare a gallery of history's war criminals, but I think it important to show the most recent images of war criminals. It is unfortunate these people never sat in front of a war criminal tribunal nor have they sat through any official investigation of their horrorific crimes. They literally escaped any level of investigation due to the benevolence of the very president so maligned by the man who attacked the Chicago reporter. President Obama closed the door on investigating these people even before he was sworn into the presidency in 2009.

The Gallery....


Someone should help the reporter attacker understand the people pictured above also outed a US CIA agent to advance their desire to perpetrate war crimes.

Huffington Post video below.

CBS Reporter Attacked By Anti-Obama Protester During Live Report

A CBS Chicago reporter was physically manhandled during a live report Wednesday afternoon by an anti-Obama protester.
CBS's Jay Levine was reporting just outside of where President Obama was to attend a fundraiser in his hometown when suddenly an unidentified male attacked him mid-sentence.
"Obama is a war criminal," the man yelled into the microphone while grabbing Levine.
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