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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fox News Host Goes "Bimbo": "UCONN Wins NAACP Championship!" Really?

Ah, another racially charged comment from another "dark rooted" blonde from Fox News.  Of course, the "freudian slip" speaker quickly indicated she immediately corrected her comment. Well, yes, but the salient point is, "from where does it come." We all know the genesis of the  Heather Childers' remarks; no real need to burn web space on the obvious.

The sadness of it all speaks volumes about a mindset that is appearing more and more as time passes. And, yes, it seems Fox News is infested with what appears to be major "white privilege" slippage.

The Raw Story

Freudian slip? Fox host calls UConn basketball team ‘NAACP champs’ instead of ‘NCAA’ (via Raw Story )
Fox News host Heather Childers announced the University of Connecticut’s national championship on Tuesday by saying that the team was “NAACP champs.” “The UConn Huskies are the 2014 NAACP national champs,” Childers remarked during the second…

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